Sydney FC NPL NSW Men's 2022

Couldn’t find a thread for the NPL this year yet, apologies if there is.

Sydney FC ran out 3-2 winners over Northbridge Bulls, leading 2-1 at halftime thanks to Jaiden Kucharski brace and then Zach Sapsford scoring the 3rd on 80mins to make it 3-2 final score.

Very quiet from the club on Socials although, they were focused on the girls wrapping up the Premiers Plate I guess.

If you get the chance, check the highlights. There are some incredible haircuts going around amongst our boys this season including 2x Mullets(Kamikuri & Girdwood-Reich), a shoulder length braided wonder(Grimaldi), and my personal favourite Clayton Taylor who has gone for a Luke Brattan style braid, into a top knot.


The content only SFCU will bring you.

Potentially a big year for Kucharski. He’s been coming along for a while now, and I feel like it’s time to prove he’s the real thing. Starting the season with a brace is a good sign

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Information on anything NPL takes forever to get out there.

Yeah still nothing from the Club accounts and even the NPL site isn’t updated. I know they’ve got a new streaming partner but… yeah… disappointing.

Jaiden has been exceptional you’re right. Few injuries last year unfortunately but the kid has an X-Factor and like Pat Wood, can hit a ball beautifully. Just quietly, Zach Sapsford’s winner was from the left hand side outside the box into the top right corner past Nick Suman. An absolute :peach:

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Thanks for the update, I usually casually follow progress of the NPL to see which players are making a mark, didn’t know the season had started.

Sapsford assist for the second was delightful, as well as his winner, looks like he will be one to watch this season as well.


Do we have any promising up and coming left backs?

Having produced Gersbach and King (who have then been sold onwards), and with the likes of Zullo being moved out to pasture, it’s be good to see another young’un come in and dominate the position. O’Toole isn’t going to cut it for me.

Usually try to keep an eye on the NPL lads. We seem to do OK-ish. Although last year I feel we were relegation bound if it weren’t for COVID.

It looked like Kai Kamikura lined up there on the weekend. He has been with the Academy since 2015 and started in the U12’s, amassing over 100 appearances across all age groups along the way. Another pretty attacking minded youngster, positioning obviously still a learning curve. I’d say you’ll see the backline rotated a fair bit throughout the season but in Gurd, Grimaldi and Girdwood-Reich there are some big boys there across the back. Kai is on the other end of the scale in terms of size

Yeah you can win any game with that goal.
They looked a bit more dynamic in attack than the aleague men.

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The boys held on to win 1-0 over Marconi tonight at Illinden. Got out there for most of it, some impressive performances. Wonderful balance on the ball and defensive structure too.

Twin towers Gurd and Grimaldi had our old mate Charles battoned down all game, and Clayton Taylor and Oscar Priestman in midfield were excellent.

If anyone is struggling to find details, the NPL are apparently in the process of moving to a platform called Dribl (awful name) and tables etc can be found here

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Rode our luck a bit, but holy shit, that assist from Kucharski. :star_struck:


When’s Sky park going to be ready to play at?

Bit sketchy indeed, but I’ll take a W.

Hatfield would be spitting fire after not scoring several times for Marconi. Glad we kept Lokolingoy quiet. Would be spewing if he got a goal against us.

The kids are currently up 2 nil against Wollongong half way through the first half, goals to Kucharski and segicic. Streaming on if you can handle the commentator.

Patty wood playing also


How I have missed the Wolfchase

Not sure that was a red card worthy incident.

It looked harsh for me, but I’m down in front of the Wolf Den and can’t see a thing. Thought it was inside the box.

Damn, so close.

That seemed inevitable tbh