Sydney FC Women 2018-19

W-League kicks off on Thursday with a derby game at Marconi. We are missing Amy Sayer, Princess Ibini and Taylor Ray who are with the U19s at the AFC championship.

I am not sure if the game is televised but it should be available through the My Football app.

It’ll be on foxsports

Think we have a decent chance here. I think our squad is much stronger than theirs, despite them picking up what seems like half of our old squad.

Bledsoe back is a major coup, all about making sure we don’t concede 30 seconds into the new season again.

Anyone travelling for it? Thursday is making it hard for me, but am keen.

I want to go but have other commitments unfortunately. Should be a good atmosphere

Only seems to be one game at Leichhardt. Shame.

This looks like a bloody great signing before tonight’s game:

Seems like a smart bit of business. Surely she won’t start tonight though, unless she’s been in the country for a while training with the team.

looks like she will beplaying tonight.
As per the article…“United States international Savannah McCaskill has joined the club for the Westfield W-League 2018/19 season and is set to make her debut in tonight’s opener against Western Sydney Wanderers at Marconi Stadium (7.30 kick off).”

That’s a strong line up, with Kennedy, Princess and Sayer to come back as well

The club has also posted this line up, which makes more positional sense

Yeah I thought we’d struggle without that trio, but that’s a very solid line-up.

For anyone else who can’t watch the game, the Guardian are doing a live blog here:

I see Western Suburbs use the same recruitment policy in the W-League.

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Good start for us going forward. Just got to score to take advantage of this dominance. De Vanna had a great chance after a couple of minutes but couldn’t hit the target.

The concern for us is going to be our makeshift defensive line. I don’t see us keeping a clean sheet, that’s for sure.

Foord opens the scoring for us. 1-0. Nice move as well by McCaskill but the Wanderers defence looked super ordinary there.

McCaskill is absolutely destroying them. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun watching her run at opposition defences this season. She’s really a class above at the moment.

I’ve just seen Polias is now the holder of the record for W-League appearances. Amazing club servant.

Polias is also only 28. Conceivably she could play on for another 2-3 years. She really is the same kind of influence on the women’s team that Terry McFlynn was for the men.

As for this game, we have wasted a number of chances. Really need to put one away early in the second half to settle any nerves. Wanderers still have a few players perfectly capable of hurting us, especially Ledbrook with her free kicks and long range shots.

Should be 4 or 5 up in this…

De vanna with some really good work there. Bravo

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4 or 5 is generous. At least 7 or 8. Their defence has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. No two guesses as to what they’ll be working on over the next week or so, but otherwise the front four have been outstanding.

And we open them up again. Some really nice football there. 3-0 now. Foord with an empty net.