Sydney FC Women 2018-19


Pretty comprehensive win that. For a makeshift back four, they did superbly. Unlucky not to get another goal or two, but really strong performance to open the season. WSW looked pretty horrendous - nonexistent midfield for most of that.

Also, enjoy this celebration


Just saw the Logarzo goal. Absolute class:


Logarzo is an amazing talent. She’s going to have a big season


Excellent to see business as usual for the girls in blue.

Sucked in to those who left to join the Western Suburbs this season. Get used to it.


This team is gonna be a lot of fun to watch this season


Bit of a dodgy keeper element to that second goal, no surprise as Wyman has at least one brain explosion in her every week. To be fair she was much better under high balls than usual last night.

First and third goals were class, ripped them to shreds.


Good result for us in Canberra with favourites Melbourne City being beaten 2-zip.


Next up is City away, followed by a bye round then the international break. Nearly a month between our second and third games.


Six of our players are in the 20 player national team during the round where we have a bye:


Congratulations girls, I’m looking forward to seeing them out at Penrith again


Spencer has scored some lovely goals


The girls are currently down 3-1 to city, defence has d been disgraceful really missing kennedy


Defence has been pretty terrible…

Missed a few chances up front too.

Never been in this one really.


Kennedy AND Ralston, plus Harrison who can also play CB.


De Vanna needs to be more selfish and start pulling the trigger herself.

I’d back her over anyone else at the moment.


Logarzo and Tobin have had absolute stinkers.


McCaskill has been nothing but class. But yeah, Tobin has had an off night.


Williams has pulled off some cracking saves too, which hasn’t helped us…


Tobin did well against WSW at centrehalf but thankfully this will be her last one there for at least a while. Kennedy / Ralston should be a good defensive combo.