Sydney Supercup Nov 2022 - Rangers, Celtic

Just got an email from Accor Stadium saying they will host a Rangers v Celtic game in November.

As part of a Cup with SFC and that other mob.
From tweets Nov16-20

From the TOC on the website looks like three games including Sydney v Celtic


Report on the SFC website says another one is planned for 2025…

I can only assume that the 3 games in 5 days will be Rangers v Celtic, and then Sydney And West Sydney playing either Rangers or Celtic.

They seem keen to come over…

Well if that thread doesn’t clear up who’s got the moral high ground and get you gee’d up to share a stadium with both sets of fans, nothing will. :rofl:

From the Supercup website, if you pull up the menu.


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Makes sense to be Celtic vs Rangers at Olympic Stadium, Celtic vs SFC at Moore Park, WSW vs Rangers at Parramatta.

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I have no interest in this, other than the fervent hope that Celtic only play in Sydney, and definitely don’t play in Melbourne. This way, the rabid Ange-stans of Melbourne will be angered and annoyed, and the cosmos will be a better place.


I have to admit CCM v Celtic at the Olympic Stadium was alot of fun. as I got a hall pass to actually go out for the night & get shitfaced 5 months after my twins were born. I even bought a Celtic tshirt off some random guy on the train which I still have, lots of singing, it was actually a good vibe.

Such reverse Eurosnob vibes here. :smiley:

I’m completely burned out on these ‘marquee’ friendlies. Won’t be attending the Celtic game.

As long as our club makes some decent money and we play well then I’m ok with it


I think the Dundee FC v Dundee United derby would suit me a whole lot better


Dates confirmed.

  • Wednesday, 16 November - Rangers v Western Sydney Wanderers - CommBank Stadium, 7.45pm
  • Thursday, 17 November - Celtic v Sydney FC, Sydney Football Stadium, 7.45pm
  • Sunday, 20 November - Rangers v Celtic, Accor Stadium, 7.30

Tickets on sale Fri, with seemingly some presales on Thu

They are assuming the new stadium will be open by then

Apparently on schedule to open in time for NRL finals

Last info was looking at opening with a Wallabies test in early September, followed by NRL finals matches the following week.

Easts v Souths first match, September 2nd.

Public Order Riot Squad have got semis brewing for this.

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They’re in for a fucking shock, nothing they’ve dealt with even comes close.

This is looking like a complete shitshow, I grew up a few miles from Parkhead and I’ve been to Old Firm games at both home grounds and a cup final at Hampden.

These Events NSW bozos have no idea what they’re doing, none at all.

Location: - Middle of nowhere, only one way in or out, only one place to drink near the venue. The trains will be an absolute disaster.

Time: 8pm, that’s 8+ hours of drinking time for the knuckle-dragging hordes, there’s a reason these games are never any later than 12 in Glasgow.

Ticketing: It’s effectively a free-for-all, no constraints, no segregation worth talking about and in some cases Rangers and Celtic bays next to each other.

I know there are plenty of sensible fans of both teams, especially those who live here, lots of my fellow Sydney fans included, but all bets are off when planes land and they discover there’s nothing stopping them saying, singing and going wherever they want whenever they want.

It’s going to be fucked and I’m going to be out of town that week.


Is there really going to be that many Celitc/Rangers fans coming here for it? The diehards are against it completely so it’d only be the locals where most are going to be your RBB level of “hooligans” mixed in with a few diehard hooligans.