The Adam Le Fondre Thread

As always a good title needed. Hes fitted in incredibly well already and delivering the goals.

“On a Sausage Roll: The Le Fondre Thread”

He scores with his left, he scores with his right

Adam le Fondre, makes drogba look shite



“On a goal”?

He scores sausage rolls. He don’t sit on them.

You see, there is this English phrase “on a roll”.


Also the club should bring back the free sausage roll promotion from a couple of seasons ago whenever ALF scores.

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Fox sports will just steal the majority of them again.

If the result is Tara spilling more tomato sauce on her dress then i don’t care if Fox take them all.

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Alf is back, in pog form.


It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll

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So, he’s on a goal now?

I’m confused.

Who ever said puns had to be perfect or even sensical?

I thought it was rhyming slang. Anyway, Alfie has Booby Moored a sausage roll every Conley Hatch he’s played. He’s worth all the Bugs Bunny we are paying him.


Better than Bobo?

What’s that rhyming slang for?

He’s a better all round player, no doubt. But let’s wait until round 27 before deciding who’s the better finisher. :wink:

Crazy start. Hes been a joy to watch.

Can’t wait until he rips up the ACL

That delicate little dink over a diving Galekovic for the second was a sign of true class and something you’d never see Bobo do. That and Le Fondre’s mobility around the box puts him a step above.


If he plays 2/3 of or games he will be golden boot, plays the vast majority and we’ll win the league