The Cove Charter

  1. The Cove exists as a source of support and inspiration for Sydney Football Club.
  • We will support the team always.
  • We will wear club colours.
  1. If you are in the Cove you are expected to participate in any singing and choreographed displays (banners etc.) we do.
  • Don’t join the Cove to experience the atmosphere, join the Cove to create the atmosphere.
  • Follow directions from people at the front, and follow the singing from the back.
  • Sing for the whole 90 minutes. Don’t give up if Sydney is losing, in this case you should sing louder. Anyone can sing in the pub prior to the match; When the team is down by a goal and it’s 85 minutes gone, where will you be?
  1. Sydney FC is only young as a club as is The Cove as a supporters group. We are open to ideas.
  • Flares are banned from the ground. As a result the use of flares will not be tolerated and offenders will be made known to security, for them to deal with.
  • A beer shower is for goal celebrations only, and involves just the beer (not soft drink or anything else) and not the cup. Throwing a beer at anytime, other than immediately after a goal is scored, will not be tolerated. Throwing of other objects, at any time, will not be tolerated.
  1. The Cove is NOT run for profit.
  • Any monies raised go back into the Cove (banner making, website maintenance, etc.).
  1. The Cove does not tolerate or support racism, sexism, Vuvuzelas or homophobia.
  • Sydney is a multi-racial society. The Cove reflects this and welcomes everyone. Any incidents of racism, sexism or homophobia will be dealt with.
  1. We do not tolerate the use of Vuvuzelas, or even the consideration of such an act under pain of death.

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What’s our stance on vuvuzelas?


Anyone who brings one will have it inserted.