The cove merch thread

Hello folks, we currently have pre-orders open for our new hoody, we are also getting low on hated & proud shirts if you want to grab one before they’re gone.

[pedant] the cardinal goes after the location[/pedant]

We use decimals as well

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Depends on how accurate you want to get, most nav systems use minutes

Cheers, easy fix.

[pedant]should this be the cove merch thread?[/pedant]

god damn it

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I think it would have been classy to simply have the geo location on by itself. No branding , logo. Subtle . Maybe just a small cove logo up on back near collar.

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needs more cup holders

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Good to see the foresight to have a Small size in the range, taking into account the inevitable weight loss of the 120kg Uni students due to the economic fallout of COVID 19.


Got my hoodie today - in ‘I ate 2 x 120kg students’ size. Top notch fellas, very cosy. Thank you.

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Hi gents, are the sizes true to his they are labelled?

Just pre-ordered the Cove facemask, excellent idea and glad to be a part of it.

Can’t believe more brands and businesses haven’t been pumping these things out.

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The mask is an excellent idea, especially for me as I’m stuck in Victoria.

I couldn’t really find any masks to wear here apart from disposable and they’re quite expensive now.

Is there any time frame on when they’ll be made/delivered?

We’ve been told 2-3 weeks

Not seeing the mask in the shop. Have I missed the Mr T instore appearance?

Sold out, sorry mate

Will there be a re-up?

Thanks for the update. My fault for not buying earlier…

A few have just been added if you’re quick