The English Football Thread

Does anyone broadcast the FA Cup in Australia?

I thought ESPN carried it but I can’t find any of this weekends games listed for broadcast and I don’t recall seeing any of their “Get up for the Cup” adverts they normally show ahead of matches.

Shit I thought ESPN did as well. I can’t see it on any of the other likely candidates either.

No one has the rights in Australia, so there is no legal way to watch it. It’s fucked up.

ESPN had the rights up until the last round of matches I’m pretty sure. How do they lose it mid comp?

I don’t think ESPN has had the rights at all this season. I watch a lot of ESPN and the “get up for the cup” ads haven’t been on at all.

Yeah me too and I thought I saw them during the MLB playoffs and World Series and/or early in the NFL season. I could be completely wrong though.


Grinded our a very tough away win at Tottenham.

De Gea was exceptional and Rashford gets another goal.

David Wagner leaves huddersfield… I imagine a progressive manager like big Sam, Mark hughes or Tony Pulis will be given the task of keeping them up

Sydney FC star Adam Le Fondre on playing for Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer -

This Bielsa seems like a beat up. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t the only one doing this

Yeah definitely. There’s more than a hint of beating up on the foreign coach about it.

Yeah probably a bit of “fun” distracting the league leaders too

I love his “of course i do, why give a shit?” attitude…

Grave fears for Cardiff’s new signing Emiliano Sala, the plane he was on from Nantes has gone missing in the Channel… :disappointed_relieved:

Terrible news and I hope he is found, but chances are increasingly slim

In not very surprising news, fans of Millwall and Everton clashed before their FA Cup tie yesterday. One man was slashed in the face.

He’s from Liverpool, probably looks better after being slashed

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The title is Liverpool’s to lose now, cant believe City lost points to Newcastle

Liverpool: Hold my beer…

Mooy made his return this morning in a 1-0 loss to Everton. He won MOTM despite playing only 35mins, he really is a class above the rest of his team mates, but Huddersfieild are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. Absolutely woeful performance playing a man up for 25mins.