The Forum Tricks & Tips Thread

Discourse is a hugely feature rich forum environment and a lot of features are not obvious.

Share your favourite forum tricks here.

@ followed by a username tags them.

Discourse has a feature called onebox which is a media embedder, it works with videos, photos, urls, twitter, mp3’s soundcloud and a host of other stuff

Simply put a direct link to the media on a line by itself and bam! its done

There’s an “I Support” field in your profile which shows up when someone clicks on your avatar, you can put a background on the user card as well

In the profile settings under interface, you can set external links to open in a new tab. Which I like. I already noticed this wasn’t happening and was going to ask for that feature. But its already there!

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You can flag a post as spam, 3 flags and it becomes hidden, if a user gets 3 posts hidden they loose posting rights till an admin unlocks them or bans them.



The way quoting works in this forum is different from the previous forum and may require some explanation for new users. For example, in the screenshot below there are two reply buttons, one inside Finsta’s post and one at the bottom. If you click the dark blue Reply button then a post will be added at the end, no problems, but if you click on the Reply button within Finsta’s post and then click the word balloon in the tool bar, the programme will automatically add Finsta’s quote in the edit box.


When you click on latest or new to get a list of topics there are some things worth noting

There’s a red line showing all new and updated threads since your last visit.

You can sort by replies, views or recent activity by clicking on the column header

You can see the spread of dates (and go to the start and last post) by clicking on the count of replies

This blog post may be useful

Really loving the suggested topics at the end of the thread, and appreciate the browse other topics in whatever forum section I’ve just read link.

Is there a general jump to another section picklist at the bottom that I’m missing? I currently jump back into the previous section and then use the selector at the top of the page to move to another forum section.

It’s a minor gripe but feels like it could be streamlined a little.

Not at the bottom of the page, no. But you can click on the hamburger at the top right to select any category at any time.

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That’s good enough. Thanks!

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I had a dream Forte returned; if he did how would I block his posts?

I’m fairly sure there’s no block function.