The greatest moral challenge of our generation thread

It’s they’re fault people don’t get satire

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Are you telling me that Team America wasn’t really coming to save the motherfucking day?


Yeah but 20 years ago we could have said that we were getting out by now, instead of ramping up over that time. Just like today we could say that we’re going to stop selling coal in [reasonable number of years] instead of opening new coal mines and increasing production. No-one has ever seriously proposed stopping exports immediately and yet the fact that you can’t stop exports immediately without causing some degree of chaos has become the perennial excuse to have no plan to ever phase them out at all.


This just in: Labor announcing we will have a phased mandatory emissions standard for new cars means all new car deliveries to this country will immediately halt…



I mean, just look at him!

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I think it’s worse than that. The new emissions standard for new cars that will be calculated across the fleet and applied from 2025 but won’t really start to be felt until a couple of years after that means there are no longer any second hand utes on Carsales!!!

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One of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. Fuck me it’s dumb.


I wonder whether it will force the likes of Ford to reverse course on their “SUVs, trucks and sports cars only” strategy?

Overseas evidence suggests they’re still pretty keen on going huge and then electrifying the huge things

The Ford Maverick is still way oversized but it’s a step back towards normality.

Aren’t the oversized Utes a massive money maker for them in the US? Id assume us and the USA are the two biggest markets for oversized utes. Can’t see them being popular anywhere else

We don’t even appear to be top 5.

Australia is a small market.

Meant more so the oversized ones, rather than general pickups.

They’re all oversized nowadays.

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It’s a bit varied state by state, but the US mostly has much better fuel efficiency standards than us. The average Australian light vehicle in 2020 averaged 11.1L/100km, the current US standards for utes/SUVs is lower than that at 7.6/100km.

Pick pretty much any climate statistic and we are basically the worst per capita.

Cheap to make. Classified as light trucks. Exempt from safety & emission standards.

These two videos explain it all quite well.

The fact that these fucking things even exist is farcical.


Aside from the obvious environmental concerns, I’d be surprised if even half of the Ute drivers actually have a genuine use for it other than to gain a line of sight advantage over other drivers, and to bully other drivers. I’d like to see a special licence be introduced. If they can’t prove they need their Ute, they should be forced to hand it in.


I can imagine some real “from my cold dead hands” energy if you tried to repossess some of these vehicles on the grounds of “do you really need such a big car?”

Not that I wouldn’t want to see it happen though. The number of these things you see on the road completely unladen, with a sole occupant is ridiculous.

I think we could treat them the same as historic vehicles. Nobody’s coming to take it from you but there are conditions that have to be met if it’s not a legitimate work vehicle registration, and limits for how much/often you can drive them on public roads. Real motoring enthusiasts would be fine with that.

I think we’d not see a huge drop in their use until we stop incentivising vehicles with tax breaks unless they meet higher efficiency standards, or better yet, only allow pre-tax loans on EVs.