The I love this new forum thread

It’s beautiful. I’m going to post on it all day long. Sorry.


I was already posting here all day but this is going to ruin what scant moments I wasn’t.

Edit: hang on that doesn’t read like I meant it to. This is fantastic.

It’s really, really good.
Jubal &c have done an excellent job.

So good so far… having said that - Death to Discobot!

Love the new forum and hopefully puts an end to the issues that we have previously had. Massive thanks to Jubal and co.

Great to see some action again! :beers:

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I’m absolutely loving this!!!

I really like the browse by Latest/New behaviour.

It’s looking very slick and smooth. I’m sure some problems will eventuate as always but huge thanks to those behind it. Now to hopefully get back some good activity back.

Good to have the site back I’ve listed count of how many times I’ve gone on the old link just out of habit despite knowing it was down

I just want to test the graphics upload.



If I had one minor complaint from using it on a computer the section for text could take up more space. It looks like its an off centre middle third. But at the same thing its the type of things youd get used to

Looks really slick. Well done! Hope the performance etc. brings back the crowds.

looks amazing! I think my work productivity can finally go down to acceptable levels!

Massive improvement, good work guys.

Same for me. Loving the new site. Not getting much work done though :metal:

The loading times seem to have come down massively. Looks very clean and slick. Like the look of it so far. Hope the old folks come back to the forum en masse!

Sorry didn’t see this earlier. Love the new look.

Yeah well done and thanks to all involved. This new forum is the cats pyjamas.