The I love this new forum thread



Very nice. :+1:

Any provision for sigs?


Love the design! Thanks for all the hard work in getting this up and running!


Nope, sigs are passe, you can customise your user card, which people can see when they click on your avatar.


well the forum was great during its first big test when lots of people were posting during the match. Seems to be loads more people back already so massive Kudos. It’s so dang fast:metal:


This is a view of the resource consumption of the forum during the past 24 hours.

The two spikes at the start are the reboots we did to fix an email issue.

Barely moved the needle.


Site is running much smoother/faster, is aesthetically more appealing, hasn’t done the constantly logging out thing yet, and I find the my account settings much friendlier to use


Yay forum is back!

Thanks to all involved!


I love this shit out of this.

My boss won’t.


Nice work James23 and Jubal, love it so far.


Held off posting in this thread until being able to test drive it on a desktop, been on the phone only until today.

It’s immense all round, great work guys. Good to see numerous old posters have already returned.


How does traffic on the new forum compare to the old one? It feels slow, even though the new forum is much easier to use and there’s even been goo to feast on recently. I’m wondering whether Facebook, which is a far inferior discussion platform, has nevertheless taken away some of the traffic and discussion that the forum used to get.

In other words, I’m selfish, can’t stand Facebook discussions and want more posts to read on here.


Not sure on the numbers but this feels much busier than it was for the last two or so years before the new software.

And yeah Facebook and Twitter have taken away from forums in general but I feel like that’s particularly the case in sport.


Agree with the Count there. The traffic has been better than the lost years on the last board, but not to the previous levels - but maybe the extra volume was just Arlo?


I’m still convinced we lost all the traffic the moment Forte left. Im sure he took many people with him into an antiSFCU forum


we can only hope


It’s about 1/3 of peak (2010-11) and about double what it was a year ago in terms of visits and posts.

it increases in fits and starts but realistically we have lost about 2/3 of peak traffic to Facebook.

That said I think the quality of discussion is as good as it’s ever been and @CountArach has been doing a fantastic job with front page content.


Not sure if it’s possible to see, but is there a correlation between poor results and increased traffic?


People still use Facebook?


The opposite, the better we play the more traffic there is.