The La Liga Thread

Deportivo Alaves went top overnight. However brief that will be.

Wow! I also heard on the street here that RM coach is in danger of getting sacked. Thankless task that one… 3pts off first?

Looking like a big mistake on Julen Lopetegui’s part. Gave up the chance to coach Spain in the World Cup and looks likely to not make 15 league matches with the top job. Should RM falter and Juve win the CL, this could end the Messi/Ronaldo debate!

Madrid are 2-0 down after twenty minutes to Levante

Wow, there’s real problems going on there

It was always madness to spend big on bringing in Courtois when they already had a world class keeper rather than spending to replace Ronaldo

Real Madrid 0-2 Levante at the moment. If this day gets much better, the universe is going to implode :joy:

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And that should’ve been 3-0. That offside call was very tight and possibly level.

Levante hold on for a 2-1 win. Lopetegui has gone from taking Spain to the World Cup to most likely sacked from Madrid within a few months.

Apparently the Madrid press has refused to get behind him given that he dumped the national team at the last minute. Hard to really get on top of such a big job in that climate. What a fall from grace though.

A goal an assist and a fractured arm in 15 mins work for Messi.
So next week’s classico with no Messi or Ronaldo.

Looks like the proposal of playing the Barcelona v Girona game in the US will be rejected:

There was a lot of jumping up and down about it at the beginning of the season, players union complaining about it etc, members upset etc. Seems like there wasn t any consultation.

In other news, I wonder if the sky has fallen in, in central Spain with Real Madrid sitting in 9th on the table!!!

Cristiano must be feeling smug.

The Conte to Real Madrid rumours are really picking up. Numerous reports suggest that Lopetegui will be out by Monday and that he will be replaced by the Italian. Wouldn’t be surprised if this move, should it happen, to end after less than three seasons. Conte built poor relationships with Agnelli regarding their transfer policy and had a similar dispute with Roman Abramovich. While Florentino Pérez and Real Madrid are known for the “galactico” approach, Conte seems to feel constant change is necessary.

I havn t been reading any press on this. Knowing how ruthless RM is, id imagine bookies wouldn t even have a market on if the coach gets sacked.

Conte looks the goods CV wise, what s his temparament like?

Conte to Madrid ends in drama and I’d be surprised if he’s around next season.

Also Courtois apparently hates Conte so that’ll be interesting

Real Madrid get their just desserts for approaching Lopetegui before the World Cup while he was still coach of the Spanish national team. That club has no shame whatsoever.

He’s officially been sacked.

He didn’t dump the national team from memory though. He was sacked by the FA President because it was leaked (and then confirmed by the man himself) that he was going to RM afterwards.

No it’s been confirmed that he’s got the sack from Real Madrid… What an absolute disaster the last 6 months have been for him!

Lol. Karma is a motherfucker.

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