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Starting on the C5 softs with a full fuel load didn’t make any sense at all, given how much trouble the teams had with the soft tyre earlier in the weekend.

I’d say the hope was an early carnage leading to a safety car. Early enough that the medium runners wouldn’t pit. Get rid of the softs and hope 2x sets of hards would get you through the rest of the race.

Stupid though because if you think 2x sets of hards could do race distance then the medium runners would pit early as well.

Agree. Think strategy was based on multiple race carnage like 2023 (three red flags)

Equally though starting on Hards wouldn’t have helped given it was a clean race till Alonso/Russell.

6hr is on this weekend. Which probably means nothing to all of us.

But this morning I went around most of the circuit they used before Mt Panorama, The Vale Road Circuit. It must have been a hellish beast on a 1930s moto!

In all the years of watching the 1000, I don’t think Ive ever heard this course mentioned.

F1 owner Liberty Media have taken over MotoGP in a US$4 billion deal.

“Ride to Survive” incoming?

This should be good news for Youtube Highlights.

The current mob are terrible and F1 highlights are comparitevly excellent.

They should probably just start with promoting the sport.
MotoGP has really dropped off the radar similar to the way SBK did after their heyday in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.


You’re probably one of them wise arses that thinks NSL clubs should have involved themselves in that sort of thing!

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There’s talk of Vettel coming out of retirement to go to Mercedes now… Bit of a kick in balls to Sainz if that goes through.

Edit: In saying that, there’s plenty of teams to choose from at this stage. Aston Martin, Alpine, Williams, Alpha Tauri, Sauber and Haas all have their drivers out of contract.

Surely Toto Wolff is not stupid enough to go anywhere near Vettel, unless he was a reserve driver.

And 30 minutes into the first practice for Suzuka, Sargeant has put his Williams into the wall. Oh dear.

Was that the new tub?

Not sure. Whatever the case, they don’t have a spare one. He crashed at Dunlop curve, and by some miracle hit the wall with the front and rear, but not the side. Pretty bad mistake to make, though.

That happens because there’s a complete lack of gravel on most circuits these days so the drivers don’t have to be as attentive as they should be.

You’ve gotta be feeling for Ferrari at the moment, with Sainz really showing what he’s made of. I think that’s his 5th podium in a row now. I’m sure they’re wondering if they made the right choice with Hamilton. Hamilton really coming off just whingy at the moment.

At the moment?

When he’s not being a cocky smug wanker, he’s always whingy. And usually he’s whingy in a cocky smug way.


I don’t. They made a ridiculous decision to pick the star of 5-10 years ago over someone who is currently outperforming one of the best talents on the grid in Leclerc, and didn’t really do much wrong at Ferrari in the first place. All to satisfy the fantasies of a guy who will be 40 early next season. Why? Do they seriously not want to win a championship? I thought Fred Vasseur was smart. Unless he was overruled by someone above him.

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The word is that the decision to sign Hamilton was by John Elkann, the chairman of Ferrari. I’d wager they want Hamilton’s image for marketing reasons across the company as well.

This may blow up in their face in future.


With any luck, Hamilton will piss Ferrari off enough to fire him like they did Alain Prost.

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2 3rds, a win and a race lost to appendicitis this year.

He seems to have pulled the finger out a bit after the Hamilton signing.

Smells a bit like some footballers we can name.

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Just skip to the last minute or two of the video if you don’t want to watch 14 minutes of 2nd tier circle racing.

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