The Nux 18/19 - should they stay or should they go now?

Defining season for the Phoenix this one, given that they essentially face oblivion at the end of this season or the next. I’d be interesting to hear what people think about their situation at this point. I’m legitimately on the fence about them, because I hate the idea of the governing body getting rid of clubs just because they aren’t pulling the sort of viewing or attendance figures the governing body wants, but on the other hand I would rather a team from Canberra instead.

It feels a bit harsh to bash on them but at the end of the day, it’s a completely different country, a team that doesn’t do well and doesn’t bring crowds.
We are tied to NZ through the ANZACs etc. but i think it’s time to get a bit selfish. Imagine travelling Canberra fans as opposed to Nix fans, that’s more people through gates and bums on seats

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Why are we assuming that getting rid of Wellington automatically means we’ll see a Canberra team?

I think it’s a waste of time getting rid of them - they would just rise from the ashes anyway.


Just working off the OP example

I’m not but it is just an example and, I think, a somewhat likely one. The next two clubs are likely to be one Sydney and one Melbourne and I doubt the FFA would go for a fourth in either city. You can really replace Canberra with any other club.

I’m a supporter at the moment, mainly because I have in laws in Welly so I manage to get to a few games over there, and would like that to continue.

I struggle to see how they fit in to the long term though, if a second division and pro/rel ever was to get up and running (long shot I know). But if the newly independent league doesn’t ever plan on having pro/rel (seems more likely), then I’d rather have them in it.

100% they need to go, been saying it for ages, but it definitely feels like an experiment that’s run its course.

Hopefully this is the last season before they pull they pin.

I was always a fan especially when they constantly punched above their weight and seemed to always make the finals despite being written off every season. Unfortunately now they’re a complete basket case and adding very little if anything

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4,800 to the weekend’s game. Surely this experiment is over.

Was listening to the Fox Football podcast on the way home from work and Simon Hill was saying that Rudan struggled to get local Kiwis to the club. If you can’t get local players to play for the only pro club in the country, you’ve got a massive problem.

Is this a joke?

I will always have a soft spot for the Yellow Fever because of the RBB pisstake merch video from a few years ago.
Can’t find it but it was gold.
It was on their FB page all along…

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I am going to miss the Yellow Fever if/when the Nux get shafted. They seem really well-natured and also engage in some great banter.


The one place they are going is UP the ladder.the VAR robbed them of 2 points against Popas WanderGlory.
Their win over FC was no fluke,top 4 right at this minute.

Apparently Steven Taylor has been a very naughty boy. Don’t think anyone in the HAL has been this busy since the Fyfe:

I wonder what Hoole reckons.

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Single, rich footballer knobs lots of girls. Colour me shocked.

Mitch Nichols got released

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Poor old Butters…

Who on earth would toss him a lifeline at this point?