The Podcast Thread

I’m sure there was a podcast thread previously… still keen to hear what people are enjoying.

My current weekly listening includes: Heavyweight, Reply All, Ear Hustle and Always Cheating FPL.

Ah great, I was going to create this at some point.

I plugged it on the old site but it is worth plugging here too: The Hypothetical Institute is amazing. It’s 2 Aussies and a Kiwi talking about conspiracies each week, with a different topic or two covered. They aren’t at all conspiracy theorists but they are just interested in the subject matter and like to poke fun at things. Some are obviously better than others. They used to do a weekly news wrap as well but that is now patreon only (well worth it if you try the podcast out and like it).

I seem to remember episode 27 and 70 being good ones if you are looking for starting points. Or just pick a topic which interests you (some are a deeper well for comedy than others).

Finale of Slow Burn season 2 was a good 'un, and made me feel sufficiently dirty.

Stared a newie on the weekend - Unobscured. First season is about the Salem Witch Trails. Fantastic stuff.

Also recently got onto Hit Parade, and smashed all the episodes in about 2 weeks. Essential for all music fans.

Heading to The Enmore on Thursday night to get my first taste of a live Dollop.

While I’ve gone off the show somewhat, I’ve been to a couple of live shows and they are great fun.

Ghibliotheque is great. Going through a Studio Ghibli film each episode. They’ve gone into a hiatus, but are apparently coming back.

You’ll have a great time, this is the first one I’ve missed and I’m a little sad about it.

Enjoying Disgraceland, about famous musicians and the crimes they have gotten away with.

Great suggestions - added Unobscured to my watching list.

Worst Idea of All Time season 4 has been announced, which is pretty great. Watching Sex and the City 1.

Does anyone listen to Til Death Do Us Blart? The My Brother, My Brother and Me guys join up with the Worst Idea of All Time guys and watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 on Thanksgiving every year and record a podcast about it. The fourth episode has just released.

The recent Little Dum Dum episode with the Dollop boys was fantastic, love it when they get together.

Ahhh, I was trying to work out what that was and why people were excited. I must be the only person who loves a lot of Maximum Fun podcasts (I’m even a donor), but hate My Brother, My Brother and Me.


I listen to quite a few Max Fun shows and also donate. Oh no Ross and Carrie are probably a big part of why I donate.

I know, that why I keep it quiet even amongst Flophoue fans.

Was enjoying an Engineering podcast I stumbled across, had done a few interesting episodes, then listened to a fascinating episode about the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge which really sparked my interest (the idea of Caissons always blew my mind)

So googled the subject to find more reading, found a great article written several years ago… and the article has massive sections that the podcast had ripped off word for word, turn of phrase for turn of phrase.

Turned me off massively.

It’s one thing to draw from an article, and quote from it (As the Dollop does) but this was basically plagiarism. The show notes on the podcast app did not cite the article.
Shame, I was looking forward to more episodes, but not feeling it anymore.

The only issue I have is the names come thick and fast… A little too much sometimes. I’ve had to redo episodes to really cement who was who at times.
(The host even acknowledged this could be tricky at some point)

But the more it goes on the more I’m enjoying it.

There is a great show that goes through how it is built called Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

I assume they’ll get a letter like what happened to The Dollop a few years ago.

If anyone is into podcasts about cults and stuff like that, I’d recommend Uncover: Escaping Nxivm. A great podcast series about the woman who blew the whistle on the new-agey cult that was doing all sorts of fucked up stuff.

Ive been listening to. The space above us
Podcasts. If you like stuff about space exploration. They breakdown every historic space mission and talk about the science, the technology, the crew s history, anecdotes. Its done in an informative way with no ego crap. Very intetesting.

Thanks for the heads-up. Will definitely give it a go. Any highlights worth starting with?