The Poultry War - Sydney's Chicken thread

Honestly can’t believe this thread hasn’t existed until now. Multiple threads all over the forum have been hijacked for the arguments that make the Israel v Palestine issue seem like a misdemeanor.

So yeah, post your photos, your experiences, your discussions in here.

I’m going to kick things off on a slightly controversial note.

Red Rooster is better than KFC in every way.

Their burgers are more flavorful, the buns are nicer, the fried chicken is superior in every way. It’s not dry, the crumb is crunchy and not soggy, and the chips actually have texture and are cooked better. The seasoning is also superior. I’ve gotten RR twice now in the last couple of weeks for lunch at work, and it’s a much better, filling and less greasy feed. I don’t feel nauseous after a few bites.

The chilli sauces on the burgers are a bit soft, but strangely more acceptable than the spicy sauce Maccas had on their spicy chicken burger.

The restaurants (admittedly I can only talk for the Chullora/Greenacre store on the Hume Hwy for now) are cleaner, and honestly the staff are nicer.

Red Rooster goes alright nowadays.

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To be fair, that is not really a difficult task. KFC fried chicken in anything bigger than popcorn chicken is disgusting. Best fried chicken I’ve had is Buzzy Bees (near Penrith) and Poulets (in Katoomba). I haven’t had the pleasure of living close enough to the city CBD to try too much chicken there, though.

And after many years of not going back to Oporto Penrith, I tried them again last week. The food there no longer tastes like cleaning detergent! This pleases me.

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Even the popcorn chicken is shithouse these days. Just greasy lumps of dried chicken. I can stomach 3 or 4 and then my body is crying out for a radical detox.

The old “whoops it fell on the floor, better give it a quick rinse under the tap, and she’ll be as good as new” trick.

Oporto in Balmain got shut down twice by the food inspectors before closing it’s doors for good. The first time was for doing exactly that.

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If I’m ever going out for fried chicken with the boys we end up at a Korean place. Haven’t voluntarily/sober eaten at KFC for a long time.

Also damn you!!! I’m going to Oricco after work.

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There was an Oportos in Balmain?!

A penny for your thoughts on the Kingswood Chicken Man? If KFC is considered soggy then I recommend a straw for the Chicken Man. :sweat_smile:

Also I’m old enough to remember Big Rooster being superior to, before being acquired by, Red Rooster.

Yeah, was one of the first stores opened actually. Late 90s early 00s it opened from memory. Right opposite the old Working mens institute on Darling Street.

Where the Dosa Hut is. Whatever the hell that is.

They still exist.

In Papua New Guinea.
Big Rooster - Wikipedia

Oporto hasn’t tasted good for about 10 years. I keep trying and hoping for the best but I am always disappointed.

Ogalo however always comes out as a tasty meal.

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I’ve only had Ogalo once, and I found it a completely underwhelming experience.

I found it to be the version of Oporto.

I’m partial to Oporto, maybe it was the fact it was the only fast-food joint in Balmain growing up, or probably the cause of me being a chilli addict.

The trick with Oporto I find is to get the Extremo Chilli sauce. Rarely get a bad one, although my local Oporto in Macquarie Fields can all but too often be hit & miss.

Haha I almost forgot about the Chicken Man near the station. I haven’t been there in probably a decade. Haven’t frequented that part of town like I used to in my Kingswood TAFE days. It wasn’t bad, from memory.

Honestly, though, Buzzy Bees is better. It’s in Cambridge Park, which is a few mins drive across the railway bridge nearby. Good price, too, even in this day and age.

Where did you have Ogalo’s?

Kensington Ogalo’s is elite - sadly, I heard it got on fire and won’t reopen for a while.

I wouldn’t consider Newtown and Surry Hills as actual Ogalo’s though, they are more for the ket heads to finally have their first meal in 4 days and that being just plain chips.

Ogalos Crows Nest used to be red hot…they did a Prego chicken roll which was delightful. Pulled BBQ chicken on a long soft white roll dripping in Prego sauce.

Admittedly it was the one on Oxford St a few years ago when the line for Mr. Crackles was too long.

If anyone is in the unfortunate position to be in Wyong there is a Korean Chicken place that rivals anything I have experienced in Sydney

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Brisket burger lovers need to check out Brisket Boys in Penrith, the burgers are on the modern smaller size but it’s unreal when you coat it in that diabetes American bbq sauce.

I’ve not tried it, but wasn’t there a bit of a craze a few years back for Hot Star Taiwanese Fried Chicken?

I remember nath91 talking up ABC chilli sauce a few months ago when I was at the shops today.

Phenomenal stuff :heart_eyes:

That and this thread has inspired me to make chicken burgers tomorrow night.

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Always have a bottle of it in the fridge, next to my Siracha which is very similar, which is next to my Byron Bay Habenero Mango Sauce, which is next to my scorpian strike chilli sauce (which is what I use when I feel like I have time to be sitting on the shitter the next day, regretting my actions. That really takes the enamel off the porcelain).

The missus says I have a problem.