The Run Home: 2018/19 A-League edition

Will we do the improbable and knock Perth off to win our 3rd straight league title, when Perth winning the title were a foregone conclusion mid way through the season?

Or will we succumb to pressure and drop to 3rd on the table, with some tricky match-ups coming up?

Here’s the run home for the contenders:

Sydney FC
Round 24: at home to Victory. Saturday 6 April 2019. SCG
Round 25: away to Western Suburbs. Saturday 13 April 2019. ANZ
Round 26: at home to Perth Glory. Thursday 18 April 2019. SCG
Round 27: away to Newcastle. Saturday 27 April 2019. Hunter Stadium

Perth Glory
Round 24: away to Central Coast. Sunday 7 April 2019. Central Coast Stadium
Round 25: at home to Newcastle. Sunday 14 April 2019. NIB Stadium
Round 26: away to Sydney FC. Thursday 18 April 2019. SCG
Round 27: at home to Phoenix. Sunday 27 April 2019

Melbourne Victory
Round 24: away to Sydney FC. Saturday 6 April 2019. SCG
Round 25: at home to Central Coast. Sunday 14 April 2019. AAMI Park
Round 26: away to Adelaide. Friday 19 April 2019. Hindmarsh
Round 27: away to Western Suburbs. Saturday 27 April 2019. ANZ


Victory probably have the easiest home run.

Obvious to say, but If we hadn’t dropped points against CCM and Roar, we’d be looking so much more threatening for the title.

Victory play against all 3 of their rivals in the next 4 league games remaining, so anything could happen.

For us, I don’t think we’ve been as threatening as our 2nd place on the table would suggest. We were toothless against City last time out, and looked out of ideas in several games lately.

Sadly I don’t see us beating Victory if Honda and Toivonen stay fit, and I fear we are due a loss vs Western Suburbs. Yes I’m a pessimist, I didn’t believe we won the league in 2017 until we beat Victory in that home game too.

Every chance the plate will be over before we even play Perth. 6 points plus GD in their favour means we need them to drop points in 3 more games realistically. If they beat CCM & Newy as you’d expect then that’s that. We will also likely drop more points courtesy of ACL and the schedule.

Anyways, whatevs, if Perth get there they deserve it. Sign me up for top 2 and an away GF there if needed. If we do beat MV into 2nd that would be the 4th time in 5 seasons finishing top 2 which is pretty amazeballs.

I expect us to hang onto second - Melbourne’s form has been just as patchy as ours - but the Plate disappeared with those 5 points dropped to CCM and Brisbane.

Sydney to take it for sure.

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Seems to me like we’ve got the worst run in all things considered.

Perth would host a potential GF at Optus yeah?

Out of those runs home I see realistically:

Sydney: 8 out of 12 points
Perth 10 out of 12 points
MV: 8 out of 12 points

So I can’t see us chasing down Perth unless they really screw up. We should be able to hold onto 2nd.

I have read that they will play the semi at NIB but the GF will be at Optus.
Flights are around $500 return…just sayin’…

Us- L D W W (7)
Perth- W W L L (6)
Victory W W W W (12)

  1. Perth 57
  2. Victory 56
  3. Sydney FC 52

Yeah I’m not giving us much chance against Melbourne, so that would result in us playing 6th in the prelim final. City have a slightly better run-in than Adelaide and thus are maybe more likely to come in fifth so it looks more likely that we would host Adelaide in the preliminary final. If we win that, we would go down to Melbourne and play away there in the semi-final.

It seems so inevitable that we’ll play Victory in the semi again. Yet knowing how this league loves to never deliver the inevitable whoever finishes third will probably bottle it against City or Adelaide.

Been saying we will play victory in the semi for months now. It’s going to happen and we are going to win.

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There is a maximum of twelve points that any team can collect between now and the end of the season.


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We’ve got the toughest run home as we’ve got to play them both & even Wanderers you’d think would aim up more for the derby.
Thinking optimistically though playing them both gives us an opportunity to take points of them both.
It’s hard to imagine Glory choking that hard against Mariners or Jets but would be good to stay ahead of the Tards.

Wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine Perth being capable of sealing the deal with next 2 games. 6 points are well within their range, and would shut the gates.

Have to say though, a late season attack of the collywobbles would be exciting (Not for the purple folk of course) perhaps Killkenny slipping over and turning over possession in a season defining moment and what better place to start then on the sunny Central Coast? Sadly the Coasties are so currently diminished this does not seem even remotely possible.

With three rounds to go there is a maximum of 9 points for each team to collect and Perth currently has a six point lead plus a 13 point goal difference.

What this means is; if Perth wins next week it will be impossible for us to overtake them on points. Perth, however, will have to wait until they have clocked up one more win before they can collect the Premier’s Plate as it will still be mathematically possible (though highly improbable) for us to overtake their 13 point goal difference.



Sydney FC 7 Perth Glory 0. Easy.


We just need to write it on the whiteboard in the change rooms first and it will be done.

Elite honesty.