The Running thread

Did a search, couldn’t find anything so decided to make a thread dedicated to all things running! (title pending). Place to share PBs, ask for advice or whatever really.

Did my first organised half-marathon today. I’ve done a few half-marathon length runs before, but never at an actual event.

Entered the Hackney Half Marathon, running for a charity. Ended up 1 hr 52 min, a little slower than usual. Definitely went too fast during the first half, ran the first 10k in around 47 min. Second half was torture as a result.

Only thing that annoyed me is that the UK still uses miles. But otherwise a really fun event.

Anyone else have any big runs planned?


I have never done any proper running like that. I have downloaded the couch to 5k app and I will use it one day soon​:joy:

Seriously it has been a sort of goal of mine to be able to enter various 10K events around the country and make it like a long weekend away. Just gotta pull my finger out

Sydney marathon is on on September and has a 10km run. Still nearly 4 months to prepare if you’re working up to it. Nice run over the bridge and around selected city streets

Actually that sounds perfect for me thanks for the heads up. That would actually be a challenge for me but doable if I knuckle down

Its a good motivation to have and should be pretty doable even if you need to walk for a bit. Make sure you register soon as it tends to sell out.

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It will definitely sell out. Sydney is doing a MASSIVE push to be added to the existing 6 marathon majors, and I believe the other associated events are booked out.

Yeah there’s definitely a big push to add it to the majors.

Would be the most scenic for sure.

Solid effort! 47 min 10k is bloody quick, my 10k PB is 46:44 and I was wrecked, couldn’t even walk 1km after let alone run 11.

Signed up for that hackney half back in 2020 which then went on to get cancelled due to Covid. Ended up doing the Copenhagen Half in 2021, went out way too hard at the start too. I’d never done an organised race like that before so it’s very easy to get caught up in the rush at the start and not keep to your plan (I was aiming for 1h50). Around 9km in I tore my calf muscle and did the remaining 12km on it. It was fucking agony, but my friend and I were raising money for a charity which helped a friend of ours in the months before he died of Cancer, so I felt I had to finish the race. Think I ended up doing about 2h28.

That injury started a run of shitty injuries though, I was out of action for around 12 weeks and then struggled with shin splints for months when I started running again and then basically stopped for around a year due to that and the laziness that set in.

Started around this time last year again, but I ended up damaging the nerves in one of my knees playing 5aside and could hardly run for around 6 months. Only just this year started getting back into it again. It’s mental how much fitness you lose in that time. I went from easily doing 40km a week to struggling to do a 5km run now. Trying to do 3-4 times a week at the moment and finally seeing my pathetic times start to get better. I’d like to try and get back to doing a 10k in the next few months, but my knee has been flaring up a bit recently, so I may be better taking it easy.

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Similar boat. Ran a couple of halfs back in 2019, then tore the calf on a solo run as part of a virtual half for Clothing the Gap during COVID. Went on a rough run of injuries between 2020 and 2022 and bent the elbow during lockdown more often then I did any other exercise…

I think I’m finally over the injuries, so hoping to get back into it again…

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I fucking love running.
When I was living in Canberra I was at my fittest, running 100km weeks at the peak of my training block.

My PBs
5k - 17:52
10k - 37:24
Half - 1:27
Marathon - 2:57

I have been pretty slack over the past year since moving back to WA.
Working 12 hour shift in the hospital has me feeling pretty lazy. I will get myself back into it properly again


That are some impressive times!

My partner is a nurse, it’s not the friendliest work for a good workout routine.

Yeah too quick. Got caught up in the hype!

Was aiming for 1 hr 45, and would’ve got it if I paced a bit better. Was doing around 1 hr 48 min around where I live near Crystal Palace (which is very hilly - complete opposite of Hackney) in the weeks leading up to the Hackney Half, so should’ve done better on a flat track, but all a learning curve!

Very impressive times.

My 10k PB is 40:32, which I achieved during lockdown. Would love to get back to that level of fitness.

My one tip is to go and get a coach if you want to get your times down, nothing more frustrating than seeing bad technique constantly and people thinking they run okay.

You’ll see the most improvement of time if you get a coach and you’ll realise that you were super inefficient running.

At worst at least buy the book Older yet Faster and watch the videos to help your form, it’ll also reduce injuries

What’s your 2.4?


Everyone thought I was mental when I did it.

Goddamn I think mine is 12:30!

The only time of year I run

Eventually I want to try and be able to do it twice in the allocated time when I get old.

That is insane. Must’ve felt good!

Around 4-5 years ago I had a period where I ran a lot of 2k time trials. Got my 2k time down to 7:49… Can’t imagine doing an extra 400m in just over 8 mins.

Recommendations for fitness watches?

I have an old fitbit that needs replacing.

I’m fortunate to have a 40% discount on Garmin devices. Anyone have experience with the Garmin Forerunner? Specifically the 55?