The Seria A Thread

To save a click, they want to by AS Roma

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Iranian referee that moved to Australia to referee in the A-League Men. He’ll happily allow players to kick the shit out of each other, but is famously intolerant to any backchat.

He has got some headlines recently giving a second yellow to an Iraqi player after celebrating a goal at the Asian Cup.

Ah right, I only watch Sydney matches so I wouldn’t know who the refs are these days :man_shrugging:t2:

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Lazio 1-2 Bologna! Great result again for the bolognesi, first win at the olimpico in 12/13 years apparently if I don’t mistake. CL positions up for grabs!

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Any of the Roma fans here (or others) have any contacts that may be able to get us tickets for the Europa league match in Brighton?


I was about to ask a similar question.

Keen to head down to Brighton.

What about the Roma home match?

Nobody who I’d be confident to ask for tickets. Is there nothing available through the regular online outlets?