The Siem de Jong Thread

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Article by in The Players Voice by him:

Also notice on his Insta that he reads… books! Not sure we can approve this kind of blatant elitism in modern Australia.

Sounds like Siem and Luuk haven’t been on the same team much. I’ve said it before but I’d be happy to change that.

Hope he starts ripping it up. Seems like a good bloke. I’m not totally convinced just yet but way to early to start judging although I must admit it hasn’t stopped me in the past :sunglasses:

He looked a little lost in his position last week, but was class in the cup game against the scum. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds more space this week and he tears wanderers to shreds

He’s shown touches of class here or there, but hasn’t been involved nearly enough as of yet. Whether that’s through lack of work rate, or lack of familiarity with others is hard to say given I haven’t seen him live yet.
Hoping he gets up to speed soon. No better time to do it than Saturday.

This was posted on the old forum but worth posting here again. It’s a great read about how we ended up with him:

In willing to give him a little bit before jumping to conclusions but we have seem clear glimpses of the talent he has there.

He looked much better when he was more central at the end of the game. Clearly has quality, just needs to get use to the players around him

This clearly goes one of three ways:

  • He’s perma-crocked and does fuck all in our league of brutality

  • He has a Ninkovic 1st season where’s OK at times, decent at others, and how much we get out of him depends on if he comes back next year to rip it or not

  • After some games he settles and smashes it because he’s naturally quite clearly talented

The only thing for sure is that playing him on the right did him no favors.

Let us hope that with De Silva available, he can play a more central role and find space in the final third where he can show his class. Was really excited when he arrived but he underperformed last week and even in the FFA Cup when he got a goal and assist. While the result is all that matters with the final in mind, I would love a good display from De Jong.

Presumably started on the bench cause we knew he couldn’t play on hard ground.

Does a hammy after 5 mins.

Fucking hell.

Ill be locking in option A thanks

Has anything come out about the severity of the injury? His reactions on the bench afterward made it seem like it might be bad?

It looked like a hammy tear, probably a month or so. He was shattered because it was a big game and he’d just come on and there’s a cup final in 3 days.

And when you have the injury history he has probably every injury feels like a career ender

I know this is going to sound harsh but I always thought it was a bit of a gamble signing someone with such a bad history with injuries. He is obviously a class player and would rip the HAL up so can see why they took the risk though

Grade 1 from a report on Fox Sports News website this morning.

Apparently that means only minor, but will definitely miss the Cup Final and will likely mean a fairly stringent management regime for the season.

Post-match, Corica said he was being saved for the cup final.
We have 3 games in 6 days, was always going to be a bit of rotation.

I feel sorry for the guy, it’s such a big blow for us as well. I would never have guessed Brosque would have so much game time now that buhagiar and de jong are out

Has anyone heard any more concerning the injury. I know Foxsports said a grade 1 but that was at a time before the scan results were expected (yesterday sometime).

Just the Foxsports article that went up yesterday. Physio reckons grade 1 but says they won’t know until today.