The Star - time to move

Looked for the old thread on our sponsorship/The Star but couldn’t find it.

Unlike some, in the past i’ve not been too fussed by our Star sponsorship. However it’s time to move.

The Star is having shreds torn off it this morning. The inquiry has found The Star unfit to hold a license. They money laundered, hid wrongdoings and board members were either incompetent, negligent or criminal.

The Star has been given a show cause notice.

Surely we need to cut ties with them now.


If there is a petition I’m signing it


Do we have another sponsor lined up? If not we can’t really afford to live by our principles as much as I’d like to


Time to do a Palmer and be sponsored by the concept of ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Would love us to change sponsors. I’ve been wanting a new jersey but have refused due to the sponsorship situation.


This is 100% it… we are in a financial business and need someone who can match the dollars the star put up before we get too picky


It also depends on what is in the contract, otherwise it would be a legal battle with a lot of legal costs.

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It’s a fucking Casino. I would be surprised if any Casino ISN’T like that.

Yeah, they’re dodgy, but find me a Casino anywhere in the World that hasn’t had it’s behavior called into question at least once in its history.

Also, The Star isn’t just a Casino. It’s an entertainment precinct, hotel, and shopping destination.

Until somebody wants to front the large amount of cash that The Star provides to our club (and has done for several seasons now) I have no issue with them continuing on.


Behind every great fortune is a crime.

Dollars aside I’d love us to do what Barcelona did back when they were alot more ethical and have a charity shirt sponsor

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And then pop Qatar airways on the front


I don’t think you can say “dollars aside” when talking about something whose sole purpose is dollars.

Dollars aside, it would be great to reward fans who attend every single game with a refund of their season ticket price. Would be great for crowds and atmosphere.


A bit like this


Exactly… It’s not like we have a long list of sponsors waiting to knock on our door the moment the Star moves away. I mean we could get rid of any rich sponsor and go down the CCM route, but it means that you’ll be seeing our best players moving somewhere else. I honestly don’t see the difference between The Star and say McDonalds that’s made its’ fortune shoving fast food down kids’ throats…

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This is currently the web page on this city’s (sadly) only remotely serious paper.
This isn’t just normal “the industry they trade in is dodgy”.


In all honesty, pretty sure it is. The Star was just “unlucky” enough to be caught. Casinos are some of easiest places to launder money and I don’t think any of them will care, so long as they don’t get caught.


So they’re not only awful people, but also not very good at it?

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I mean pretty much yeah…

Crown was in essentially the same position earlier this year.

The Star will also get a slap on the wrist and retain the licence.

The sooner gaming advertising goes the way of cigarette advertising the better.


I think the only reason why The Star got caught was after the enquiry into Crown Casino’s as they realized there was another big Casino just across the water.

I used to date a girl who was a croupier at The Star, and currently work with a guy who was a floor manager there. Some of the tales I’ve heard come out of that place, money laundering and “hid wrongdoings” are just some of the ‘minor indiscretions’ that going on behind closed doors in that place (and I assume in general)

Casino’s have always been embassies of illegal activity, dodginess and immoral activity. I mean wasn’t Las Vegas as a City founded by the Mafia as a means purely to wash their money…

Gambling as an activity has been around as long as humans have been walking on two feet. Gambling has always had the intention of being morally poor. Doesn’t matter how much you dress it up in bright lights and fancy venues,

I mean just the fact that I don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone properly turned away from entry there. I’ve been there on some of my messiest nights and we’ve gotten in without a second glance. They’re about making money, the don’t care how drunk you are or how much of a criminal you are…

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