The travelling circus: stadia discussion

Will the SCG be a cavernous expanse with terrible sightlines?

Will Leichhardt have too few places to buy beer?

Will Jubilee… Actually be good?

And most importantly: will the new stadium have cup holders?





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Will find out the answer to 1 soon enough

I actually think many in the public tickets will appreciate the height of Lev2 in the Noble… and the food and drink outlets are much better at the SCG

There was an article in the SMH the other day about our new stadium. They still wouldn’t promise that the roof will keep everyone dry if it rains.

Then you have to ask: what’s the point?

Danny T stated on Twitter that safe standing is in which is probably the other major thing I think a lot of us wanted. That should provide a massive boost for the Cove.

Well nothing but a closed roof would do that, but then you have grass issues and the like.

From the design it appears that all the seats have a roof (fixed or clear) directly above them but obviously if wind blows the rain away from vertical you can still get wet.

Based on the animation the SCG Trust released the roof looks no worse than what’s on the new Parramatta Stadium. I’m more concerned that the rake doesn’t look all that steep to me.

Noting the Ticketek map for the Wanderers game has the pitch in the middle of the ground (like Etihad xx Marvel (lol))

And the other two SCG matches are likely to have decent crowds (Victory and City), does this mean the original proposal of an offset pitch closer to the new Noble/Bradman stand has been dumped as the smaller games have been moved to other grounds.

The game vs MV will likely get less than 20k and vs City 15. No way those justify opening the pitch being on the middle.

Plus it keeps the away fans a solid postcode away from the action.

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Feel like pure shit, just want us to play all home games in the green space of the Entertainment Quarter

Put pontoons out on Kipax Lake.

Shit, I hope you’re right

I love Kogarah, been watching the Dragons there since the '90s.
Has very good sight-lines from all parts of the grandstand.
Easy to get to from town on public transport, easy to find a park within walking distance.
Reasonable watering holes close by.
It will be interesting to see/hear how the Cove sounds without a roof.
It feels comfortably full with 12 or 13 thousand in it, I’m really hopeful we’ll be getting more than that week in week out.

The SCG, I’m hopeful too, that we’ll get the crowds, next Saturday night will tell a lot…
Beautiful stadium, cannot wait.

The last time I was in Leichardt, Sirro was playing!
And it was a tip then…
I won’t be going to the games there as I’m working for two of them and it’s an absolute mission for me to get to…
With a decent crowd in it, though, the joint should be rockin’

One question: does anyone know why the rd. 26 game v Perth is at the SCG? Surely, Leichardt or Jubilee would have been better?

I’m pretty sure it’s just so we play enough games at SCG. We can’t play any games there mid season because of the cricket, and I think the club still want some games in the moore park precinct. But I agree that it would be much better at Kogarah or Leichhardt

I know that they’re now owned by a behemoth and maybe the quality has slipped a little but don’t 4 Pines have a bar at the SCG?

Better sight lines for photographers to capture the moment we lift the plate.

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