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LAUGHS IN 2014-20

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Per SCG Members newsletter, construction to soon start on the first stage of the Village Precinct and Carpark (starting with the eastern half)

When complete in 2026 it will have 1500 car spaces and replace the grass parking (MP2/MP3) on Centennial Park land.

Image of final look. Believe the tennis courts will be used for pre-game activations during events.


I have strong sources pointing to the fact that they’ll be reserved for toddlers for warmups


So they’re knocking down the office block that was built 10 or 15 years ago?

Rugby Australia/UTS building and NRL HQ remain. The rest is currently bitumen carpark.

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So, after the match against the Mariners where we won, but we saw an absolute shambles of a pitch, torn up, half dead, other codes field marking still very much evident, we should have an absolute pristine surface for the derby on Saturday night.

Tonight, the Sydney Football Stadium will see not one, not three, but two games of Rugby Union played on the field, 24 hours before we play.

The lady 'Tahs play at 5.30opm, and the Male 'Tahs, kick off at 7.30pm. Two games of Rugby Union, which is the most destructive of codes on grass. Grass that I doubt has been replaced since the last time we played on it’s (cough)pristine(cough) surface.

Since then we’ve had two heavy bouts of rainfall as well, including a severe storm 7 days ago to the day.

Luckily, it’s not forecasted to rain tonight, or throughout tomorrow, meaning there’s a slim chance that the field won’t disolve into a mudbath (that is before they heavily water the ground 15 mins prior to kick off).

@Sky_Blue_Stories - Is it Jonathon who had the (and very agreeable) rant on the quality of the playing surface and overall quality of host on the podcast a week ago (nearly had another verbal tirade this week, but I respect you biting your tongue).

So yeah. In summary, 2 games of Union, Every player using full metal studs, impact of scrums, rucks and mauls on an already dying field surface. Even if by some miracle they have replaced the turf in the two weeks since we last played on it, if either side come out with a serious injury that can be attributed to the field quality, surely there needs to be some legal action held against the stadium.

After losing some of the independent options from the taps at the SFS, it’s nice to see White Bay XPL on the menu. Goes down a treat.

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That’s some nice stuff. Going to try my hardest to get to the Perth game & give it a whirl.

The Perth game also has the toddler race final.


Which bar, the one behind The Cove? I’ve noticed that they typically have the better beers on tap there, the bar behind where sit in Bay 32 has less to offer. It used to have Balter XPA, they stopped selling that after the first few rounds at the new stadium which was a let-down. I typically walk around to the other bar to get beers from there unless I feel like a Stone and Wood or a Coopers Pale Ale.

Yep it’s the one behind the Cove. Previously they had Batch and Yullis on tap too but haven’t seen them for a while.

The bar immediately on the left of gate 3 has had Yullis, though I haven’t been to the last two games. Hopefully they still have it, if not White Bay is a good substitute.