The TV Show Thread


I’m assuming it didn’t go the way you thought? Really loving this at the moment. Very intense, have a few ideas of where it might go but still not 100% sure!


The Coen Brothers are releasing a Western called “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” on Netflix.

Netflix says it is available from 16 Nov but I could only access the trailers, guess I have to wait till it is today in the US of A.


Looks interesting!


Keen for the Coen’s new work. Enjoying Patriot on Amazon prime… Described as Clancy meets the Coens.


Enjoying Succession, new HBO show about the politics of a media tycoon and his family. Started a bit slow, but has really grown on me.

Cousin Greg is such a great character.


Sunderland 'Til I Die has just come out on Netflix - it’s an inside look at their first season in the championship following relegation from the EPL. I’m only 2 episodes in but it’s an interesting insight.


Yeah I just finished the first episode. I feel like it really gets across what it means to support a club, particularly in such an economically depressed area.


I binged it all yesterday, great doco. Really feel for Coleman and surprisingly the CEO, tried to do their best, and especially the club staff. When you talk about salt of the earth they are the perfect example.


Watched the first 2 eps of Homecoming but not sure I’m going to press on, anyone watched it and can advise if it’s worth the time?


Just finished watching that Sunderland Doco. Really enjoyed it


Origin - Basically ‘The Thing’ in space, nothing super original but it is well done, It’s the first YouTube Originals series I’ve watched, I enjoyed it.


You haven’t watched Cobra Kai @jubal1 ?

It’s worth a look.


I watched it, pretty good I thought if a bit longer than it needed to be…aren’t they all these days?
Roberts very watchable but.


The new Black Mirror interactive episode is pretty fucking cool.


Funny, I started watching this too a few days ago. I’m 3 episodes in. I think I’ll stick with it for now. Bodyguard was definitely the most enjoyable searies I’ve watched recently.


I though Cobra Kai was great. Very fun and we’ll executed


I really didn’t like it.
As unsatisfying as Choose Your Own Adventure books were back in the day.


18 hours of the Indian Pacific journey on Viceland atm, I have so many questions.

Why is this a thing?
What’s next, a fully televised flight to Heathrow?
Where the fuck are we? It needs a map in the corner tbh.


Really needs someone to nudge you across the back of the head every 20 minutes or so,


Wife and I finished The Haunting of Hill House today. I’m usually not a fan of horror stuff because its typically garbage with shit acting and weak as shit writing but i was pleasantly surprised. Definitely worth a watch.