The TV Show Thread


New series of True detective starting today… hoping it is a return to series one glory


Deadly Class is a hokey show about a school for assassins set in the 80’s based on the Image Comic of the same name. Think of it as an American version of Kingsmen but for the bottom of the barrel.

What makes it interesting is the soundtrack, an astounding collection of 80’s UK alternative and indie 80’s music that reads like the track listing of my walkman mix tapes from that era. New Order, The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, Siouxie and the Banshees etc etc, no greatest hits either, most of the tracks are album cuts rather than singles.

The show is bearable, but very cliched, the soundtrack raises it above the normal.


Was a 2 ep premiere. I’m intrigued thus far and they clearly are maximising their spend on Maharshala Ali by having him play 3 versions of himself in different timelines.

Felt like some of the conversations were overly dramatic but enjoyable so far.


Def an improvement on the second series.


How are you guys watching this? I’ve had a look on iTunes and can’t find it?


I’m based in the States so watching as it airs on HBO.


Showcase on Foxtel for me.


Lol, somehow managed to convince my barmaid to switch a channel over to SBS’s Ghan journey “aGhan” at my local.
I think I guilted her into it, “c’mon this is a hip independent pub, not a franchise…”

If I owned a pub I’d have a screen doing something different like this.


Kind of disappointed with the supernatural theme Mr Mercedes has turned to, yes yes I know, it’s Stephen King but err…


I’ve been watching Netflix’s Russian Doll. At first I found some of characters difficult to warm to but I am up to episode four and I am hooked.


Just about to finish it, and it’s been pretty enjoyable. The lead is great.


Russian Doll was fantastic, maybe the ending was a little messy but still great.


My wife said she watched four episodes of Russian Doll and got sick of the main character.
She just said you keep dying but you are still a dickhead. I don’t care anymore


Anyone keeping up with True Detective? Am loving how it’s all coming together.


I’m enjoying it, but a couple of things have bugged me most the way through:

. If a case is reopened, no way in hell the original detectives are reassigned. The original investigation is flawed, you don’t put the same 2 cops back on the job.
Likewise with the wife writing a book on the case. The authorities can’t stop her writing the book, but they would take Hays off the case due to conflict of interest.
The goddamned mumbling. I no longer have perfect hearing, but my wife is the one who keeps saying ‘WHAT did he say?’ Especially when Hays and West discuss past actions, they descend in to this ragged, rushed mumble that has us rewinding and rewinding…Spit it out, fer Gawd’s sake .
Not as good as S1, but worth waiting for , nevertheless.


Agree with you on the first couple of points but the mumbling is a pretty accurate impersonation of a rural Arkansas accent imo. When I was there most people sounded like a combo of midwestern, southern and Texan accents and they all mumbled.


Do individual states have such a big issue with “conflict”?
I thought it was fucking Rafferty’s Rules in some parts over there re investigations.


There’s a new series of Luther. BBC First is screening it next week, 7 March.


I think the new Luther has already started. I’ve watched the first 2 so far. Great show but geez London looks like a dreary shit hole filled with pervs and freaks.


I didn’t realise Luther was a documentary…