The TV Show Thread


But there was still pew pew pew, so there’s that.


I put Stan on for the free trial period, finally watching Cordon after hearing about it years ago.
Seems vaguely familiar…


I started watching The Expanse based on your recommendation. I’m up to S1E5 and I am impressed.

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Star Trek TNG?

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He said hard Sci Fi.

Not shite Sci Fi.

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ST TNG is great but I’m not sure it’s ‘hard scifi’?

Actually I don’t know what ‘hard scifi’ even means?


Science Fiction, very basically, gets broken into “Hard Science Fiction” and “Space Opera”.

Space Opera is basically a soap opera in a space setting. It also tends to ignore limitations of the size of space and the speed of light. Star Wars would be the simplest example of a Space Opera.

Hard Science Fiction works with the laws of physics as we understand them and will mostly provide plausible theories for them. Robert A Heinlen’s “Number of the Beast” is probably the best example I can think of.

I’ve never watched enough Star Trek to know if it’s Hard Sci Fi or space opera. It’s popularity, would suggest to me that it’s Space Opera. But I was never able to appreciate it enough to care.

The Expanse is really a good blend of both opera and hard. (I’ve only watched the first series but am up to date on the books.)


Hard sci-fi…

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For those after a TL;DR - both are shit…


2001, star Trek and the third book in the dune saga are shit.

Everything ranges from aces to fucking aces.

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I think Star Trek episodes, at least while Roddenberry was still alive, were morality plays set in a Utopian future… Some of the episodes about race were extremely subversive for the 1960’s.

I think what differentiates good sci fi from bad action movies set in the future is ideas. The Expanse has really thought hard about advanced technology, the effect of microgravity on people and how expansion into the solar system would affect international politics, and Star Trek would examine social problems at the time of broadcast. Both are full of ideas but in different ways.

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If you want hard Sci fi, watch devs. It’s by Alex garland so you know it’s good

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Star Wars is a docu-series based on the historical facts surrounding a galactic civil war based in a galaxy light years away. It delves not only into the actual mechanics and elements of war, but the complexities of inter-stellar trade, as well as the diplomatic relationships and issues when trying to coordinate a galaxy spanning parliamentary government based on a Republican style of government.

The complexity of faster than light travel, while not explained well in the on-screen documentaries, are more than covered in the resulting encyclopedias published throughout the years. Just because the complexity of hyperspace alludes you, you don’t need to pretend that it’s all “fake news.” So typical of society these days, just like Americans not understanding how a virus works, they claim it’s fake…

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And I thought I was on some nerd shit, recommending Star Trek…


Since when were star wars nersd worse than star trek nerds?

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Have you not read all the comments about the last 3 Star Wars movies?


Star Trek Deep Space 9 is great.


I watched them, I don’t need to read comments from weirdos trying to justify their investment in the franchise to know that the 1st was hmmm, the 2nd was crap, the 3rd was pointless and that Rogue One is the only one since Empire to nail the whole Saturday matinee thing.


considering we enjoy a sport in which 12 grown men chase a ball around a field and, using only their feet, try to get said ball into an open box…


12 grown men? Whaaa?