The TV Show Thread


Whoever writes it needs to go and check himself into some sort of a facility for a stint.


Netflix has a new documentary series called Losers. The second episode is the story of Torquay United’s 1987 League 2 relegation battle.

Check out “Losers” on Netflix


Added to my list. Thanks for the heads up


Lots of GoTs activity happening for Monday. I think we may well see a trailer.

And confirmed that the battle of Winterfell will be the longest continuous battle ever put to film surpassing the LotRs Helm’s Deep battle of forty minutes.


Has anyone been watching the Aussie show called Secret City. They stated the second season last night. I’m really enjoying it. Best Aussie show I’ve seen in ages


New Game of Thrones trailer:


I thought it was on the ABC last year?
Either way, I’ll watch the second series.


The entire cast is going to die this season, aren’t they?


Yep, pretty much.



Nightflyers on Netflix is truly awful in almost every respect.


I watched two episodes then stopped, pure crap.


Who’s onto Umbrella Academy? Very quirky series.


Watched it, surprisingly true to the original comics but I found a lot of the acting heavy handed, lacking any kind of subtlety, Tom Hopper and the guy who played Klaus in particular. Ellen Page was great though.


How good is number 5 portrayed? I see him as an adult! lol


First episode of new season of Veep underwhelming.

It does normally start a bit slower so here’s hoping that it picks up, especially the Jonah Ryan arc.


Game of Thrones is back and showing more than ever that the showrunners have no idea what to do without a book to copy.


I think they had so much to tie together before they move forward, that it all was a bit disjointed. They actually packed plenty into that hour.

Hopefully it picks up from here.


I actually thought it was a pretty decent episode, and better than a lot of last season.

Dialogue was fucking shite though.


Feel like the first episode was always going to be a bit low, especially with how much has been focused around the battle of Winterfell