TV Ratings and Revenue


Other sports are down quite a bit too and I’m willing to bet a decent portion of that 31.7% is streaming but still not great numbers.







Those ratings are woeful. These last few weeks have been all over the place in terms of games. Pretty much impossible to keep track of when games are on unless you’re a diehard.


I think Kayo and My Football have to be making a difference.


I think we discussed it above but this remains my going theory, particularly with Kayo also launched. Crowds are at least stable if not slightly up and I imagine crowds and TV ratings are fairly solidly correlated. Particularly given that football appeals to a younger demographic in this country.


So…what are you lads going to do next summer when the league folds? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Big Bash League… woo go sixers… :face_vomiting:

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Maybe. Maybe FoxSports is making enough on-selling the content. And maybe this pumps up the price of the digital rights enough. And maybe somehow that whole equation balances.

Let’s hope.


I quite often watch games on YouTube and there can sometimes be a couple of thousand watching there too


The Wellington match was some of the stupidest scheduling ever from a ratings perspective - I think it was even mentioned in the match thread. No idea who thought that would be a good idea.

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When I (someone who watches a shit tonne of HAL games) has no idea there is a midweek game on, then there is a problem.

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We finally have some numbers on the number of subscribers with Kayo:

That’s a significant number of people who could potentially be watching the A-League but wouldn’t be counted. I also think it’s more likely those are younger people, which fits football’s demographic. Further, given Kayo was only recently launched I’m willing to bet it is largely driven by Football people because a lot of the major sports haven’t aired since it launched.


My guess is that subscriptions are mainly driven by Foxtel subscribers shifting to a cheaper alternative, not new customers keen on some A-League. But that’s just a guess.


I am pretty sure that if somebody did the research it would be clearly shown that falling Foxtel ratings can be linked directly to Brenton Speed’s commentary.


You do know what they say about statistics don’t you Ken?


Adding to Rugby Union’s huge problems regarding its dwindling participation rates, its metro TV numbers were also worse than A-League’s last year.


Hilarious when its other codes


Has Foxsports considered the impact of their crap commentators?

I find it really easy to turn off a game that has Speed, Slater or Meredith involved. Very easy.

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I don’t know if they have but they really should. I find most of the Fox Sports coverage including commentary a bit amateurish