UEFA Champions League Thread

Ajax up 3-2 on aggregate over Real at half time in the second leg.


Ajax knocking Real Madrid out is pretty massive.

Just as well they didn’t need Ramos…

Solari being arsed is inevitable, but if they could please replace him with Mourinho that would be amazing. Kthxbai

Probably the best morning’s UCL entertainment for neutrals in years, that.

Amazing scenes

Expected really, isn’t it? It’s their partnership with us beginning to bear fruit. They gave us SdJ, we gave them domineering performances.

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Bale came off the bench again. The lad needs to move teams asap. He has made his millions and won trophies, now get to a team that respects him

Couldn’t agree more.

LOL Sergio Ramos needs to wait till next year to serve the suspension for his second game…


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Another strong case for the global binning of VAR.

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Did those cunts create a single chance?
VAR is farcical. And you know the ref regretted it because he added nearly 10 minutes when it should only have gone 7 over.

Jesus, and another VARcicle ending in the Dragao. Porto given a softish one, needless stuff from Florenzi though, then Roma denied what looked a stonewall penno after that… how they deemed ref needed to review the first one but NOT the second I will never comprehend.


The VAR thing wouldn’t even have been an issue if PSG weren’t the biggest chokers in European football. United had TEN players out due to injury and suspension, with a bench so thin on experience they almost had to call out the ballboys to fill the bench. PSG were 2-0 ahead after the first leg on the road and obviously had those two away goals up their sleeves. And PSG STILL fucked it up and gifted two goals to make the game the event it should never have been in the first place. But no, everyone has to blow up about the VAR because it seems to be the cool thing everyone is doing right now.

And while we’re at it, the Porto penalty was very clear. Of course the striker is going to go down like a sack of shit but if you pull on someone’s shirt in that situation there really is only one outcome. See Fornaroli in the derby in round one this season.

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Ajax into the semis. Amazing scenes.

Alas, Barca are not the biggest chokers in Europe. United got further than I expected, though. Onwards and upwards.

That opener was such typical Messi, brilliant.

Yep. Messi is deadset just a visitor to this planet.


Come on you Spurs
Git da fuck in!