UK Politics Thread

Well, I guess they are incapable of serving their debts with their incomings?

I’m no accountant but I think that’s how bankruptcy works.

Birmingham needs to cut back on avocado toast and bin Netflix


Mayor Elections today across various parts of England including London. The BBC live feed about them is just photos of dogs at polling stations (they aren’t allowed to report of election issues whilst polls are open).

I wanted to vote for Count Binface, but unfortunately had to vote tactically for Khan to ensure the Tories don’t win.

British politics is very serious business


they couldnt find one single serious candidate for the photo

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I think Count Binface’s candidature was serious. He was running on a very serious platform and his policies on making Johnson pay Covid debt would have given a much needed release of funds into the London economy

$12.90/kg for truss tomatoes, $10.90/kg for the “normal” ones at the supermarket yesterday.
$1.50ea for an Avocado.

Maybe they need to eat more avocado and cut back on the food of the elite, the humble tomato.

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Maybe they spanked too much on their Commonwealth games a couple of years ago?

Yeah I voted Khan as well but interesting to see how Binface goes!

Also Johnson being turned away for not having ID is great, despite him bringing the rule in.


And, as expected, the Tories are getting absolutely crushed. Things you’d love to see!


Sensible policies for a happier Britain

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Sensible! Sensible! That fucking cycle lane in Selsdon Rd needs to go ! NOW!

A give you the portrait of the King and a paining from Fallout 4 by a deranged vigilante who is hell bent on killing all evil doers while torturing and decapitating them, whilst strewing their limbs throughout his home. I’m not sure which one is which


Should have replaced the butterfly with a couple of dozen flies buzzing around. Blokes nearly dead, surely

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He has heart failure for sure. Those sausage fingers.

I gather from this that heart failure can be progressive? Because if it has flat out failed, I gather he’d be in no position to sit for a portrait.

Unless of course he was in a special clear casket, in which case, remains to be seen.

Yeah heart failure doesn’t mean the heart stops.

It’s a chronic condition that people can be diagnosed with for years.

Basically the heart doesn’t pump properly, either it doesn’t fully empty or doesn’t fully fill.

One of the main symptoms is fluid build up in the body, so like his sausage fingers. Lots of people get oedema in their legs, one of the ways to treat the symptoms is medication to make you pee out the extra fluid.

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