UK Politics Thread

LibDems get 70 seats to 4 over Reform with 2% fewer votes

And they laugh at the American system…

To people living over there, is there any chance of labour putting electoral reform in place?

They just won off of the current system. Why would they change it?

Every party apart from Labour and Conservative party support changing from first past the post.

But because the two big parties are against it, it won’t happen.

It’s got nothing to do with the major parties at this point. It’s because the British population are, collectively, fucking idiots. They had a chance to fix it in 2011. Two thirds of those who voted voted against it. Half of the population couldn’t even be fucked forming an opinion. They’ve got the system they deserve.

Greens have surged into second place in my constituency (Islington South & Finsbury) as well, with an increase of 13.2% of the vote share. Tories have dropped to 4th with just 3500 votes and almost beaten by reform. Turnout just 58% here.

Fuck the Tories

Paywalled. But the headline is enough. Keep fighting among yourselves, peasants.

Edit: archive link for people who hate themselves enough to read this.


Remember kids, every culture war is to distract you from the class war!

Can’t afford groceries? That’s because of class.

Can’t afford rent? That’s because of class.

No job security? Class.

Living in an increasingly fragile world that could collapse at any moment? Class.


Well primarily because it’s a far superior system that better reflects the true preferences of the electorate.

Other than that it may have helped them this time but it has hurt them in the past. The “left” or centre vote is just as likely to split as the right vote was this election.

Starmer is another one of those people who just look uncomfortable no matter what.

Strikes me as someone who’d be a simply exceptional public servant, but not necessarily a good politician. Disciplined, organised, competent… just not particularly likeable.

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Well he is already ahead of most Pollies with just those attributes

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Guessing it would’ve be Labour/Lib Dems/Greens coalition if proportional voting.

Looks like what you get when you ask an AI to make a picture of a prime minister and it spits out a generic old white man


Speaking of AI…