Unite Round 2024 (AKA Round 12)

First up, Shet*rds vs. Glory

Apparently outside CommBank right now.

No advertising, no hype, no food trucks. Nothing, nothing at all.

Off to a good start. You would think being a NSW Government inititive there would be banners galore, trying to hype this up.

About as soulless as well, Western Sydney.

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To be fair, Bulls then City? Be hard-pressed to find someone who cares

I feel like Leichhardt for ALW could work.
Anyway, one more year and maybe no extension of the deal, or we rotate to another state, if that state gov wants it. :person_shrugging:t4:

Nail. Head.

Your average punter who doesn’t already follow in the A-League doesn’t care.

Interstate supporters don’t travel in large numbers as it already is. With the current cost of living issues, and general apathy towards the APL, it’s going to fail spectacularly.

Watch DNSW crunch the numbers in the next week or two, and then pull out of the idea completely. It won’t even be a flash in the pan event.


To be honest, if there was an opportunity to go to another state to see a bunch of games all on one weekend, I might do it.

But this just feels like the APL and NSW Gov (which has obviously changed since the GF deal) waiting out an altered version of the 3-year agreement.

Also, Magic Round I would suggest makes sense for the NRL because teams mostly play in NSW and thus Qld is different. This is just more games in NSW.

Argh, Stand By Me. They ruined TWO perfectly good songs along with SNA.

Adamson starting for Macarthur and playing quite well. Not sure if he had any fault for the goal though (there seemed to be 2-3 WU playes unmarked inside their box).

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Good weekend for the Keepup app to stop doing push notifications.


Macarthur 1-1 Western Utd
Melb City 1-2 Western Suburbs
Central Coast 3-2 Loss
Perth 0-1 Wellington
Brisbane 2-2 Newcastle

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Uskok’s terrible read left them very exposed. Adamson was in a no-win situation and either had to come in and risk leaving the back post open, or stick to his position and let whoever was on the inside a free shot.

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Still listed as our player in the Fantasy comp. :rofl:

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Doesn’t look that much different inside the stadium either (judging by the broadcast)

Is it too early to say Jed Drew is absolutely rubbish?

That’s a good hit

Davila is a bit alright.

5:30 on a Friday is rough

I get Ollie Jones is left footed but Adamson already starting ahead in front of players that have been there for 2+ seasons highlights the bloke is boss footballer.

Top class save from Kurto.

It’s Bulls vs. WUN. Doesn’t make a difference.