W-League- Round 12: Sydney FC vs Melbourne 31/3/21

Huge game in the last game round of the W-League thats very worth of it own thread. The current table is:

  1. Brisbane 25
  2. Sydney FC 25
  3. Melbourne Victory 23

A win and we win the plate, a draw and we win the plate, a loss and Victory win the plate. Big parallels with the famous Feb 14 2010 Aloisi and Kisel goals giving us a 2-0 win over Victory and beating them to the plate.

KO 31/3/21 AT 7:35pm


Courtnee Vine confirmed to be out, interesting to see whether he brings in Allira Toby up front, or rejigs and puts Taylor Ray in like they did on weekend.

Gutted I can’t make this. It’s going to be really tense and I sense a strong LDV performance. Need Siemsen to get more involved again and also for Ibini to start firing again. Tash Prior did well in defence last week considering it was her first game in a long while, so defensively I think we’re much better off than we were a few weeks back after losing Brush.

Line up is in

Looks like none of the above


I hope siemsen has a much better game, I felt like she just got in the way of most things last match.

No broadcast of this anywhere?

It’s free on kayo

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Kayo or Myfootball app according to the fixture listing

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Fox didnt air this but are playing W-League mini games on 505. Wrong choice

Bit of an early half chance but good keeping from Victory

Great run from Ibini. Deserved a better finish

We keep breaking down in midfield and it’s costing us.

Some last ditch defending from us

Yes Polias! Great strike!


Superb free kick from Polias. 1-0

Great to see Theresa score a goal in such an important game!

Commentators were talking her ability from the dead ball up so I was expecting a commentators curse free kick into the wall. Happy it didnt happen

Great save from Garton. Big dip on that shot from Hawkesby but shed probably have wanted to get it a bit wider