W-League- Semi-Final: Sydney FC vs Canberra United 5/4/21

Monday 3pm kickoff. Hopefully we get through to the final

Got 4 tickets, all classed as GA (no other apparent options). Are all tickets GA? So first in, …

Pax numbers in the low 800s. Hoping there will be some thousands there.

Looking like if we win tomorrow we will be playing MVFC again in the final

Yeah huge 6-2 win for them over Roar in the other semi

Just bought my ticket with PAX 1350.

Late decision to attend…pax now (11:50am) sitting at 1589.


Also unlike our last game this is live on Fox Sports 3. Hopefully the broadcast quality is much better

That’s not a good start

Terrible start big wakeup call. Least they didnt put that away

Ibini needed a better cross there

Great cross to pick out the player at the back post

Lovely goal. Great pass.


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Great finish. Beautiful cross in.

Wheeler really put that on a plate for Hawkesby. Great stuff.

Quality finish.
Why can’t the men move the ball this quickly in transition?

They have dicks. This means they have to dick around on the ball.

Where’s Heyman?

Terrific save from Jada. That backpass was a shocker, though.