We all like fried chicken - the MLS thread


Doesn’t look like the old thread has come across so this thread will be for all things MLS.

It’s currently final series - will the spiritual home of football, Atlanta, go all the way? Will the Cascadian derby be marred by controversy? Will Columbus go all the way in spite of their off field dramas? Discuss.


Tonight’s 2nd leg between Portland vs Seattle has been bonkers. 2-1 after the first leg, Seattle score off a goalie clanger in the 68th min, Portland score with 10 mins to go to go ahead on away goals, Seattle score in 93rd minute to send it to ET.


Watching it now. It’s now 4-4 on aggregate in extra time. Insane considering this leg was 0-0 at 60 mins played.


Where’s this showing? Fox?


Going to penalties now, some of the Timbers team were celebrating at full time thinking away goals counted in ET.


Hahah I saw! Will be very embarrassing if they go on to lose the shootout.


I kinda get how it can happen given different competitions have different rules for away goals, but surely someone on the bench says something during the ET half time.

Timbers go through on penalties, Attinella makes up for his earlier SNAFU with two saves. Bye bye Flounders.


I get it but really the entire team and staff should know given how critical tactics are at that point of the game.

Sounders were all over Portland for most of the game but a couple of jammy goals and a poor first leg sees Portland progress.


So Portland knocks off KC and goes to Atlanta for the final next weekend. Remarkable to see how Atlanta has come together so quickly.


What a game it was as well with Portland coming from behind and winning away at Sporting for the first time in a few years.

Atlanta will walk the final though. They have been unstoppable this season.


More expansion coming in 2021 for the MLS.


Finally a team I can get behind over there. Austin is a cracking town.


Good outcome all round as well given it didn’t come at the expense of Columbus Crew.


booooooooo Austin FC… boring!

should’ve been called something hokey like Austin Briskets :grin:


Austin Black Angels FC ftw.


Austin Tayshus FC

The “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Stunners FC