Week 16 - 2021-22 Discussion

There are some games this week. Two teams will play in them. They can be discussed here

(I’ll edit the games in later)

Macarthur play Brisbane tonight

Archie needs to stand on a box when he’s next to Bosnich.

They both need to stand inside a box rather than in front of a microphone


Wenzel-Halls should probably have a hat-trick by now.

Macarthur really struggle when they’re forced to attack like this.

Another one possibly butchered there. An early ball to Wenzel-Halls was on there and he was completely free. Brisbane have played very well but they should be out of sight.

Fox are only still broadcasting these games for the cross promotion of their fights.

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Inches away from peak A-League.

I swear that the Fox commentary team have photos of Lachie Wales in their wallets.

Wait… Rose did something?

He miskicked it into the goal?

Spare a thought for Kate Cohen who has to watch Macarthur games on repeat for a living.


Has Kruse been dropped? Not on team sheet. :rofl:

In 2 minds with this, a Newy win and surely Brebs is gone by Monday.

Hopefully Jets pull this off, the the spoon is really looking almost secured

LMAO at Kruse being punted from even being on the bench. Cmon Newy!

Lattanzio is the new Kamsoba

Unfortunate but good finish

If Newcastle want to get off the bottom of the table next season, they surely have to get a better CB than Topor-Stanley, who is surely done at HAL level. Either get rid of him or Boogaard. Having an average 36-year-old alongside an average 34-year-old at CB is not going to win them shit.

Beating 11th, a team owned by other teams who have lost or are losing all their best players. Time to celebrate.