Week 18 - 2020-21 Discussion

Remember when Western Suburbs thought they were going to win the league?

5-1 down to the contender for worst side in A-League history ahahahahahaha

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Well, that celebration was short-lived.


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When you’re getting absolutely rolled by the armband chuckers, you know you have problems.


Mack being Mack on twitter. Gold.

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To be fair, a few people on this forum seemed to think that after they beat Victory.
“Next year” should be written on the Wanderers’ jerseys. Not the best team in Sydney, not even the best team in Western Sydney.

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True, but also, I worry about us being caught off guard on Tuesday.

Even if we get caught off guard, no way Sydney FC are copping 5 against anyone in the league.

You gotta feel sorry for Ziggy. Tearing up his Mariner’s contract because he wanted to play in a winning team. :rofl:


His judgement was always suspect, he left Hamilton Accies after all.

In Gordon’s favour, playing wide in a back 3 is his perfect position. Doesn’t have the legs to be a fullback. He’s been one of the westies best by far this season.

5-4 now.

Surely not. SURELY not …

One more goal and we are equal with the record number scored in an A-League match

And that was blown by Kamau. Fucking hell :joy: :joy:

Zeigler gets a yellow for cleaning up Kruse.
Should have got a medal.


THERE’S the 2021 Melbourne Victory we all know and love.

Ideal ending. Wsw should have equalized, they didn’t. Victory still clearly shithouse. Best league in the world.


9 goals in the game. Gestede still scores 0.

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Kamau doing his best Ibini impression, fluffing his lines at the death.

I can deal with this.
Generally would enjoy Melbourne bottling a 5-1 lead at home but not when it would mean the Wanderers closing a 4 goal deficit. The team placed closer to us loses, Victory still clearly terrible. Awesome.

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Yeah. Victory would have been so happy earlier in the game, but then were shitting their pants. WSW thought they might be able to equalise but couldn’t in the end. Such a great result :laughing: