Week 19 - 2020-21 Discussion

City vs Jets starting in a moment

This should come with a content warning, city are going to do terrible things to them.

It’s still 0-0 but this is the most inevitable 3-0 you’ll ever see

VAR gave that to Nabbout? A new low for the stupidity of it all.

Isn’t it a matter of if it’s on target it’s given to the attacking player and its only an OG if it wasn’t going in? It looked on target to me.

Looked like it was heading to the corner flag and Italiano was doing one for the cameras.

But even so that’s always been a shitty interpretation imo. Determining factor should be if the defender was just trying to block a shot (deflection should never be an OG, on target or not) or actively playing at the ball and slicing it. Koutroumbis did the latter, 100% OG.

Fotmob says OG, and Fotmob > VAR > Fox muppets

Sounds like one of the seagulls is the new City capo.

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Italiano reminding us he’s an absolute panelbeater. How the hell is he starting ahead of Duncan?

Ooh so close

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Shithousery all round. Stupid from Sanchez. Yet another terrible piece of playacting by an Adelaide player.


The contact of the barge in the back was enough.

The Adelaide player going to ground was fair enough from momentum but gee that little look around and then clutching at the head is embarrassing.

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So did Beath not play advantage and then Call it back for the yellow? Wasn’t that the reason for not sending sideshow bob off on Tuesday?

Sydney continued to try and go forward on Tuesday, so the ref played advantage, therefore Barnett couldn’t be given the first yellow when he should have. But if the team refuses to take the advantage, the referee can go back and sanction the offending player.

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We need to wind the clock back 20 years, this is getting ridiculous. These absurd rules are slowly killing the game.

Yes, goalkeepers should have to bounce the ball every three steps!

Fuck VAR right off


Terrible stuff. If it had been a metre offside, sure, take it back, but if you need to zoom in to such a degree and still can barely see a difference, it needs to be allowed.

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Absolute joke

Surely they can change the rule to allow for 20 cm or something