Western United Thread

Sure, it’s MBS’s thugs taking a journalist apart in physical sense, imprisonment against any dissidents (including for mild criticism on social media), suppression of women, various war involvements, the fact that the entire states are built on pumping out a product which will potentially lead to the downfall of humanity and suppression of alternatives - great work by our Emirati friends as hosts of the last COP there! Maybe if the Israelis buy into a club, it may draw a line for you?

I think evaluating degrees is a perfectly acceptable way of looking at these things, and different people will inevitably have different lines. The world is not black and white but full of nuance. But bloody hell, we are talking orders of magnitude here.

Yeah it’s just a little bit too modest for the term. Even if it was full way along on side at the very least, but at that size, it should probably be the full way round and we could say “you know what, call that your home and we can live with that on a permanent basis.” But it just reeks of Pissweak World.

They’ll probably still struggle to fill half of it.

Have they bothered with parking facilities? Or is the surrounding area still a construction wasteland? Is there any PT?

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What do the Saudis have to do with City Football Group?

I appreciate what you’re saying but property developers in this country have literally been implicated in the disappearance of journalists and are driving, and profiting from, housing injustice.

To be fair, this is a training ground and they’re only planning to use it for A-League Men games until their proper stadium is built.

They might be able to get a little more momentum with the locals by actually playing locally instead of just playing here there and everywhere.


Any photos or evidence that the stadium build has started out of interest?

It seems not. Plans are apparently to start building late this year, and for the stadium to be open by the 2026-27 season.

Nothing. They are just another very real Sportswashing dictatorship FC project who are out there right now doing sportswashing things all around the world in different sports including our own.

They (CFG) tick plenty of the other boxes I mentioned, and you can add the huge amount of FFP violations, the being a dictatorship (so there is zero accountability to shareholders, voters

Not arguing that property developers aren’t awful. I’d be surprised if a single one wasn’t. But there’s a long way to go to get to the injustices committed by a state and its leadership, even if the human raw materials are there.

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I remember early Illawarra Steelers games at Wollongong showground, they would put flat truck trailers on the southern side for the crowd to sit on. Probably deemed too dangerous now


WU moving into that ground is great news.

Yes it’s tiny but 3 or 4 thousand in there will be pretty raucous compared to the same number spread around an empty AAMI, Geelong or whatever regional buttfuck AFL oval they’re at on any given weekend.

Could give their home games an FFA Cup feel and at least being local it gives WU a chance to actually build some local support.

No it’s not perfect but it’s a lot better than being homeless vagabonds week in week out.

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I doubt they’ll get 3-4k , that place is currently in the middle of nowhere, 8.5km from the nearest pub and I doubt there’s useable public transport.

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Les will be there


Agree it gives them something to build off and consistency. I can see them getting 3-4k and hopefully they can get some momentum before moving to their 15k stadium when it’s eventually built.

Is WU the Macarthur of Melbourne?

I have nothing against either of them. If anything they both are there to bring down our rivals.

Take some points of them, don’t win the league and let us do our thing.

That grandstand/ground reminds me of the new-ish Fraser Park one.

3k if they’re lining the fences as well. Oh at least they have their own change rooms now & there is bound to be a gym in their somewhere.