Where are they now?

Kerem Bulut has received a four year ban for testing positive to cocaine

Also Max Burgess signed for the Nux.

Must have gotten carried away celebrating a goal


That’s a David Squires panel right there

Tidy goal from Brendan Gan to equalise for his team in the 91st minute.

A follow up to that goal is that it forced the game , the Malaysia Cup Final no less! into extra time. The opposition scored in the 96th minute, but then gave away an own goal in the 121st.

Gan’s team (Perak) defeated the opposition (Terengganu) 4-1 on penalties to win the cup for the first time since 2000.

What’s the story with Seb Ryall?

Still sitting out, can’t see him coming back to professional football after a couple of years off.

I still don’t understand why he chose to retire. He was on track to be a Sydney FC legend along with Grant.


not sure if this is old news, but apparently Corey Gamiero has knocked up Lucy Zelic

No way… saw she was pregnant though

Taking the specificity of ‘Where are they now?’ to new heights.


Yeah I saw that on twitter. Bit out of left field. Nice to see a bit of romance in football outside of the FFA cup.
Would be some good footballing genes there with the kid.

I’ve lost all respect, Scorey. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For finding a good looking girl with a genuine passion for football?
That poor bloke.


I find her smugness incredibly unattractive.

The several layers of face paint and ridiculous wardrobe choices don’t help either.

That’s SBS’ doing though, isn’t it?

Quite possibly. Occurred to me right after posting that she did share a wardrobe with Lee Lin Chin.

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Think of all the hand me downs she just got!

He’d lost the passion. He turned down strong offers from Adelaide and Perth to re-sign with us, but then knew it was fair that he wasn’t starting ahead of Buijs or Grant.

He wasn’t happy. So he went and did a bit of travel, and seems to have decided not to come back.

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