Who is our best ever 9?

Fun thread since it was mentioned in the squad speculation thread but who is our best ever 9? Some good competition with ALF, Bobo, Bruno, Janko, Aloisi, Petrovski. Brosque, Yorke and Del Piero werent 9s so theyve been omitted.

  • Adam Le Fondre
  • Bobo
  • Bruno Cazarine
  • Marc Janko
  • John Aloisi
  • Sasho Petrovski
  • Other

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Tough to decide between Bobo and ALF but I think ALF is the more rounded player and seems to pop up with a goal in any circumstance. He also better suits the way we play now, with a bit more pace and certainly more directness.

Both just score tap-ins though.

I always thought that Bobo was the more consistent scorer of the two?

He does have a higher goals/game ratio


In that order… i am looking forward to seeing how good our next #9 is

The next pole should be:
Who is our best number 9 that we got rid of for no reason?

Alfie for sure

Genuinely thought there’d be more Bobo vs Alf debate.

There is no debate.



I voted Bobo but Bruno did so well with 0.34 goals per game with very average team behind him over two seasons.

Looks like he never played professionally again, still remember him getting player of the year from the club and contract was terminated. He was only 29 and could have offered much more if he had stayed.

I. Thiam.

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This with Bruno a close 4th would be mine. Wonder how hed have gone in a better team. Bobos one season though was just incredible.

112 minutes per goal. Bobô.

Bobo, with Alfie a close second.

Bobo surged massively into the lead suddenly

Bobo was great but his slowness made me want to claw my eyes out at times. Tight call but Alfie for me, for the banter.

As much as I loved Bobo (especially the chant), a goal scoring beast - Head to head, I can’t go past Alf. Golden boot this season, and wrap up the toilet seat and no question!

Bobo. Despite only scoring tap-ins and penalties he’s the best all round striker we’ve had.
He’s better than Alfie in the air and, I could be wrong, but I think his defensive work rate was a little better. That could come down to a different tactical setup though.
A Bobo/Alfie front 2 would be unbelievable though.

I can’t remember his stats but Sasho was a gun in the early days. I always liked him , especially his attitude

Bobo benefited from playing next to Brosque quite a bit so a lot of the need to work was taken away. ALF has to get through a lot more work this season I think.

Id disagree with Bobo being the best all around striker. He was great in the air and in the box but he wasn’t particularly fast and was much more of a centre forward. ALF’s more of a striker and more balance all round player because hes offers similar attributes to Bobo but his movement off the ball and pace is far better. Both though were the perfect 9 for the system we were playing though.