Women’s Asian Cup 2022 - Special Lockdown Edition

Women’s Asian Cup 2022

The Matildas play their first match in the Group Stage this Friday, so time for a thread to record our collective joy or bitter disappointment as we progress to our inevitable triumph over or soul destroying defeat to Japan.


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Well that certainly snuck up!

There’s a what now?

It’s weird to have an event happening in the actual year it was scheduled to happen.

Yeah, genuinely had no idea

Vine made the squad

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Expecting a comfortable win in the opener against Indonesia. Nonetheless, how good is it to have the Women’s Asian Cup primetime on a main free-to-air channel?

The Indonesian anthem is not short.

Good to get the first goal out of the way

And the second. And the third. And I’m sure the fourth in rather short order. The gulf in class seems enormous.

I like that they are positioning Fowler deeper in a provider role for the forwards

Indonesia have only been able to play 2 matches since 2019 thanks to covid and the like. They never had a hope of even being competitive.

I do feel for Indonesia, though someone really needs to turn up the difficulty on FIFA …

This is not fun to watch.

Glory days of Oceania 2: Asian cup edition

We’re obviously getting nothing out of this game, other than tbh it’s an indictment how little Raso has produced against such dross. One header and one lay off for Carpenter? Get Vine on.

Also, pretty disrespectful to lump Alannah up top for the last 10 or 15 mins. If they just wanna let her score on her birthday then she could’ve taken the second penno. If it’s shape related cos we don’t need 2 CB’s (Wheeler is able to drop in if needed and can distribute) then make a sub. No point hoofing crosses to someone who’s only ever going to be on the end of set pieces later in the tournament.

Get Remy on for a quick hat trick.

Four subs at HT to switch to 3-4-3.

Luik on…. at CB, instead of keeping Polks. Nevin on also (completing the back 3 with Luik & Kennedy).

Yallop on at LM… instead of pushing Catley forward. Carpenter pushed forward to RM on the other side so why not keep them both if we play this system later in the tournament?

And also Kyah on for Foord at LW.

So only one sub left meaning only one of Remy or Vine can get on in a game where they’d run riot. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: