Women's World Cup 2019 - the other games

France opened the tournament with a 4-0 win over South Korea overnight. Some quality goals, especially the last one.

Massive number of viewers for the England v Scotland game.

I’ve posted it in the TV Ratings/Revenue thread for the wider FTA v Pay discussion.

Stay classy, USA

Bit ambivalent about this one. I mean the U.S. is very, very good. Should they really stop playing because the opponent is inferior/and or throws in towel? In some ways these belting s need to happen, so that nations see exactly where they are. No where to hide for the teams, their Federations nor their Confederations now.

Didn’t hear similar reactions when Germany toweled Brazil in 2014, or reeling back the years, Haiti shipped 9 in 1974.

I think it’s more perhaps they should stop celebrating like they won the whole thing when they put the 13th goal into the back of the net.

Noone said to stop playing, but going the full Marco Tardelli for all 13 goals is a bit OTT. What will they do if they score a properly important goal? Self combust?

It’s a World Cup, not Sunday pub league

Exactly. Scoring goals, celebrating and if case be, belting as team in the process, go hand in hand. Difficult to see how or why the resulting celebrations would be prescribed. Each to their own obviously, but the U.S. have the call here, seeing as they are administering the drubbing.

Tellingly many of the comments critical of the U.S. cited both the number of goal scored as well as the way they celebrated.

A lot of the comments seems to ignore that the Americans were hugging and comforting thai players after the final whistle.

A world cup pool game against the lowest ranked team in the group is hardly cause for group arms around each other on the touchline and all that carry on. Germany managed to rein in the emotions for the last couple of goals in a WC Semi final against Brazil, in their own backyard, so celebrating against what I can only assume is a semi professional team at best is pretty graceless and boorish. But that’s their prerogative.

the end of the Scotland v Argentina match was one for the VAR fans out there.

Amazing stuff. Its use for the penalty was ridiculous even if all the decisions were technically correct, with the main problem being lack of added time for it.
I hate VAR so much. It’s making football much worse. I can only imagine how shit it would have been at the ground.

VAR is a scourge on so many levels.

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This nonsense with keepers being a few mm off their line is only going to embolden the average park football nazi with a whistle. Oh yeah, not to mention it’s making a complete mockery of women’s football at a time they’re trying to make strides towards closing the gender gap and being taken more seriously.

Decidedly few upsets in the end. 14 of the top 16 ranked teams in the world have made the knockout stage, only North & South Korea have been replaced by Nigeria and Cameroon in the draw.

That last minute Cameroon winner was a lovely goal

Geez Cameron took ‘farcical’ to a whole new level against England.

Just achieving equality for women’s football in Africa by replicating their men’s champions league final.

The musical chairs continues as Gary Van Egmond is moved to the Young Socceroos.

Huge win for Sweden over Germany. First time in something like 24 years. Ja flickorna!