2019--20 SFCU Player of the Season: RESULTS

Time to announce the results of the 2019–20 SFCU Player of the Season voting.

Thanks first of all to Jubal and James for making this possible. Thanks as well to everyone who voted throughout the year. Unfortunately it was again the lowest average turnout we’ve ever had, but we had 87 unique voters across the season. Special mention to the regulars: three people voted in all 35 competitive matches — @garuna (for the second season in a row!), @scottohara and @Shoushi.

And the result: Luke Brattan is your 2019–20 SFCU Player of the Season

In his debut season with Sydney FC, Bratts picked up 8 MOTMs and 10 other top-3 finishes for a total of 38.5 points. He finished six points ahead of Miloš Ninković, who only had 3 MOTMs but 10 second-place finishes. In third place was surprise packet Anthony Cáceres, who scored 24.5 points after getting none in the season before.

Here are the top 3 from every match:

Rd Vs Result Voters MOTM Votes 2nd 3rd
Cup R32 Brisbane Roar L 0-2 17 Andrew Redmayne 2.88 Brandon O'Neill Anthony Cáceres
1 Adelaide United W 3-2 40 Adam Le Fondre 1.68 Kosta Barbarouses Alexander Baumjohann & Miloš Ninković
2 Wellington Phoenix W 2-1 28 Rhyan Grant 2.29 Andrew Redmayne Brandon O'Neill
3 WS Wanderers L 0-1 26 Miloš Ninković 2.35 Luke Brattan Brandon O'Neill
4 Newcastle Jets W 4-1 21 Luke Brattan 1.43 Miloš Ninković Rhyan Grant
6 Melbourne Victory W 2-1 30 Rhyan Grant 1.67 Miloš Ninković Brandon O'Neill
7 Perth Glory W 3-1 25 Miloš Ninković 1.64 Rhyan Grant Kosta Barbarouses
8 Western Utd W 2-0 25 Alexander Baumjohann 2.32 Adam Le Fondre Luke Brattan
9 Brisbane Roar W 5-1 23 Alexander Baumjohann & Adam Le Fondre 2.13 Kosta Barbarouses
10 CC Mariners W 1-0 22 Andrew Redmayne 2.05 Alexander Baumjohann Luke Brattan
11 Wellington Phoenix D 2-2 14 Luke Brattan 2.14 Miloš Ninković Adam Le Fondre
12 Melbourne City W 2-1 22 Luke Brattan 1.36 Anthony Cáceres Miloš Ninković
13 Adelaide United W 2-1 20 Paulo Retre 2.50 Alexander Baumjohann Luke Brattan
14 Newcastle Jets W 2-1 13 Miloš Ninković 1.46 Joel King Kosta Barbarouses & Anthony Cáceres
16 Melbourne Victory W 3-0 18 Alexander Baumjohann 3.33 Luke Brattan Miloš Ninković
17 Brisbane Roar W 1-0 14 Luke Brattan 1.86 Anthony Cáceres Adam Le Fondre
ACL2 Yokohama F. Marinos L 0-4 30 Anthony Cáceres 1.70 Luke Brattan Marco Tilio
20 CC Mariners W 3-0 34 Marco Tilio 1.26 Miloš Ninković Harry van der Saag
18 WS Wanderers L 0-1 23 Luke Brattan 1.96 Andrew Redmayne Anthony Cáceres
ACL3 Jeonbuk Hyundai D 2-2 22 Trent Buhagiar 1.73 Harry van der Saag Anthony Cáceres
22 Melbourne Victory W 4-1 24 Anthony Cáceres 2.71 Miloš Ninković Luke Brattan
23 Perth Glory D 0-0 18 Luke Brattan 2.33 Anthony Cáceres Miloš Ninković & Alex Wilkinson
24 WS Wanderers D 1-1 20 Luke Brattan 1.90 Miloš Ninković Adam Le Fondre
21 Wellington Phoenix W 3-1 20 Trent Buhagiar 2.05 Miloš Ninković Luke Brattan
28 Newcastle Jets L 1-2 16 Rhyan Grant 1.50 Alexander Baumjohann Anthony Cáceres
29 Melbourne City L 0-2 19 Andrew Redmayne 2.89 Alexander Baumjohann Anthony Cáceres
27 Adelaide United D 1-1 21 Harry van der Saag 1.71 Miloš Ninković & Andrew Redmayne
25 Brisbane Roar D 1-1 21 Luke Ivanovic 1.90 Luke Brattan & Harry van der Saag
26 Western United L 1-2 15 Anthony Cáceres 1.93 Rhyan Grant Alexander Baumjohann
SF Perth Glory W 2-0 30 Anthony Cáceres 1.27 Rhyan Grant Miloš Ninković
GF Melbourne City W 1-0 30 Rhyan Grant 2.50 Luke Brattan Anthony Cáceres
ACL1 Shanghai SIPG L 1-2 19 Calem Nieuwenhof 2.42 Miloš Ninković Trent Buhagiar
ACL4 Jeonbuk Hyundai L 0-1 14 Calem Nieuwenhof 1.79 Miloš Ninković Alexander Baumjohann
ACL5 Shanghai SIPG W 4-0 16 Luke Brattan 1.44 Calem Nieuwenhof Trent Buhagiar
ACL6 Yokohama F. Marinos D 1-1 15 Trent Buhagiar 1.27 Tom Heward-Belle Alexander Baumjohann & Calem Nieuwenhof

And the final standings. Players are ranked according to the number of Player of the Season points, then the number of MOTMs, 2nd place finishes, 3rd place finishes and the total number of votes in the case of ties.

Rank Player MOTMs 2nd 3rd Votes Points
1 Luke Brattan 8 5 5 28.40 38.5
2 Miloš Ninković 3 10 5 25.71 32.5
3 Anthony Cáceres 4 3 7 18.43 24.5
4 Alexander Baumjohann 3 4 4 18.33 19.5
5 Rhyan Grant 4 3 1 16.98 19.0
6 Andrew Redmayne 3 3 0 14.56 14.5
7 Trent Buhagiar 3 0 2 8.90 11.0
8 Adam Le Fondre 2 1 3 13.99 10.5
9 Calem Nieuwenhof 2 1 1 6.27 8.5
10 Harry van der Saag 1 2 1 5.22 7.5
11 Brandon O'Neill 0 1 3 4.40 5.0
12 Kosta Barbarouses 0 1 3 7.99 4.5
13 Marco Tilio 1 0 1 2.54 4.0
14 Paulo Retre 1 0 0 5.98 3.0
15 Luke Ivanovic 1 0 0 2.22 3.0
16 Joel King 0 1 0 5.64 2.0
17 Tom Heward-Belle 0 1 0 1.35 2.0
18 Alex Wilkinson 0 0 1 12.16 0.5
19 Ryan McGowan 0 0 0 7.47 0.0
20 Michael Zullo 0 0 0 1.35 0.0
21 Ben Warland 0 0 0 1.07 0.0
22 Adam Pavlesic 0 0 0 0.64 0.0
23 Patrick Flottmann 0 0 0 0.39 0.0
24 Chris Zuvela 0 0 0 0.20 0.0
25 Jordi Swibel 0 0 0 0.05 0.0
=26 Ryan Teague 0 0 0 0.00 0.0
=26 Patrick Wood 0 0 0 0.00 0.0

You can find the full results for every match and the full standings here, and I also wrote a blog post that contains the results and a few extra graphs and stats.

All winners:


Nieuwenhoff and Buhagiar both finishing ahead of kosta. The former played less than a handful of games and the latter came off the bench in nearly every game he featured. @Sky_Blue_Stories is going to love this.


I also did the draw for the voter prizes: if you want to experience it like you were there, you can see the thrilling video here. :grin:

Congrats to Hybrid (1st), chriso57 (2nd) and FTT123 (3rd)! I’ll be in touch via PM to arrange to get it to you.


First Aussie player since Nicky Carle to win. Get in my son


Vedran did get one as well, but it has been a long run of foreigner wins.

Funnily enough, with Bratts being born in England and Vedran in Croatia, Carle is still the only Aussie-born player to win it


I saw Vedran on the list but chose to ignore him


Now do a Pre and Post Covid Winner! :smiley:

Thanks Rowdy for putting all of this together. Suprised to see ABJ up there so high and very happy to see Los hermanos Caceres up there.

Had to watch the video to verify the draw seeing as first prize went to a non-platinum member. :wink:

Huge thanks to Rowdy for running this every year, it’s particularly appreciated how quickly the votes have been going up in post-match discussion threads. For games I watch on tele I usually vote ASAP, and I now pledge to do the same for home games this season, even if in a drunken stupor having had an appalling view of the game. :+1:


Geez we don’t rate our CBs much do we, us SFCU members?
A meagre half point for Wilko our rock, and not even that for Gowser…


Super surprised in this. I thought both at times were immense during the year. Reading Rowdys blog post though, Wilko very stiff on a few occasions(9) not to get points

Wilko is surely just a victim of his own standards and effectiveness, incredibly hard to “stand out” when you’re always so good, expected to be good, and then do your job with such nonchalance. Votes aside I doubt there’s an SFC fan anywhere who doesn’t appreciate how crucial he’s been to this period of dominance.


… as I said. CB’s union needs to take a stand! Players putting their bodies on the line, week in, week out, and all the players in the pretty positions get the kudos.

Are we looking at branch stacking for next season? Every CBU card holder gives Wilko 6 points each match?


Thanks for continuing to do this Rowdy, we’ll need to see what we can do to get more people engaged with this. The problem of course is that you can’t vote without an account and you can’t have a trustworthy system without identified voters.

I’ll look at ways we can improve engagement.


I don’t know enough about how it all works to know if it’s possible, but I think a big step would be integrating it into the forum somehow. I reckon part of the reason for low numbers is the friction in having to get to it via the main site, which (for me, at least) sometimes needs a re-login.


Will look into this.

I’ll be the first to admit the whole having to re-log back in to vote stopped me from voting as I don’t remember my password.

Lordy, I sometimes wonder how some of you cope with actual adversity.

Default login session duration is now 1 year, 3 if you click remember me.


I’ve got a fork of the discourse plugin going locally (was able to build the list of players from an api too so no need to manually make it when creating a poll), just need to finish it off on the voting/template side and results part for admin. :beer:
Good to see still a good number of voters on average over the season.


I find that I will be in the forum (ie; logged in), the link for the MOTM voting will appear in the forum, I follow the link but I arrive at a page that does not let me vote until I have logged in again. I think voting numbers would improve if this obstacle was removed for persons already logged into the forum.