A-League Expansion


Team 11 had a more grassroots campaign with community engagement. West Melbourne seem bit of an unknown. Probably the sticking points were West offering more money and the smoking gun promise of building their own stadium whereas 11 had that chicken and egg stadium scenario. Hopefully West works out


Western Sydney confirmed starting next year.


All good, Jared’s on it


Wonder how many Wanders fans will jump ship?
And wonder how many of those are SFC originals?

After that, just 2 more clubs, and they’ll get their 6th Membership free!


Where was that confirmed?


This article seems to suggest that there will be an 11 team comp next season with Western Melb and South-West Sydney will join the following year.


I know one of the owners.


FFA announcement live on Fox News at midday.

Sports news quotes Herald Sun saying Western Melbourne and MacArthur South-West Sydney for the spots


Hope you’re right. I snickered at the Bossi article where it says Wanderers wanted a whole season at the new Parra before SWS comes in, they really think the stadium is going to fix all their problems.


As long as they form The People’s Front of Leumeah, i’m all for this


I’ve staked my reputation and cred on your intel Jubal - don’t let me down!

JK, of course I don’t have any cred.


What about nail cred?


Has the Sorting Hat sent Southern Expansion to Slytherin yet?


I recon WSW fans will be pissed off that South West Sydney are in. Good.


It will be interesting to see how these clubs build rivalries with the established clubs of their cities. WSW probably will be against SW Sydney just because of their territorial feud that will likely pick up. Not sure if we will have much against them, Melb Victory and WSW will still be our main rivalries.


If it’s one for the 19/20 season and one for the 20/21 season, is there any chance they’ll announce another two for 21/22?


That is exactly what I’m thinking. By releasing the new clubs in this way, it would be an easy adjustment to 14 clubs with only one season with a bye and one season with a 12 team comp with the odd fixtures.


Live now on Fox Sports News

Two new teams joining
Western Sydney MacArthur 20/21
Western Melbourne 19/20

Further expansion ongoing dialogue

Second division working group being established


Watch here:


The bids have been confirmed as speculated above. They have stated too that expansion will continue and they want to start establishing a second division soon.