A-League Expansion




A second division should make this all much smoother in future.


Think we will see 14 teams before a 2nd div


Agreed. They keep talking about 14 teams and continuing to talk to bidders like Canberra and Sth Melbourne.


Already seen a fair few Wanderers fans mentioning the “they wont represent the west as well as we do theyll struggle for fans”. Could see the Western Sydney derby being bigger than the Sydney derby over time. What will SWS be to us though?

As for melbourne itll be more of “look at this melbourne entity playing the other melbourne entity”


It’s an FFA Press Conference, but they’re making the right noises.

I expect/hope we’ll probably be sitting here this time next year announcing further expansion.


So West Melbourne to play out of an AFL ground for the first few years.
If the owners can stick it out for what promises to be a grim slog until the new stadium is built, then all respect to them. I’m not optimistic.
Gallop confirms that it’s the Sydney team 2nd to give Wests the chance to re-stabilise after their shit show of a 3 years living up to their name.


I’m imagining WSW will remain “the Sydney Derby” whereas when we play SWS it will be “a Sydney Derby”. At least that’s how I’m looking at it.


Fuck the second division nonsense. It’s pie in the sky stuff and would be the death knell for any HAL club that goes down. When we’ve already scorched earth in Auckland, GC and FNQ and are taking this long to identify other markets it would be fucking stupid to kill off anyone else who has a bad year.

This ain’t Europe or even some of the stronger leagues in Asia who don’t face anywhere near as crowded a sporting market. We need to follow the MLS model if anything, they’re the closest to us with their other sports (NFL, MLB, NBA) also containing salary caps and no relegation.


Surely WSW v SWS will be the red rooster derby?


Yeah rather than 2nd division (which is a huge jump and take several decades - suddenly finding 10+ new clubs), it’d be MUCH easier to hit 14 then start a conference system, where we can add teams in dribs and drabs.


Canberra will surely take Welly’s licence season after next. Fuck I hope so. FFA has burned em twice now and that’s hard to come back from for a completely new third bid somewhere down the track.


The fact that the new teams won’t also have W-League teams is baffling.


Agree. I can understand that there are problems due to clashes with the US season, but it should at least be part of a staged plan.


Played for The Meccano Set Trophy ?


So where is all the money for Western Melbourne?

Cant see a 15k stadium being under $100m, likely closer to $150m
And it’s already reliant on the Vic Govt building a new station, and presumably the local council gifting the club now very valuable land next to the station.

Say interest bill is $5m a year. At 12 games a year you need $27 from everyone (assuming the stadium is completely full every time) just to cover financing costs, let alone everything else.

Think W-League reflects the smaller pool of players, and that the competition is still subsidised by FFA


I could live with Canberra in for Wellington next season too but then not announcing it yet so nux still compete.

They’ve mentioned a lot about aiming for a 16 team comp which I think would be great.


There are also problems fitting the season in with the US, which is a significant factor in why there’s not even 2 full rounds with the current 9 teams.


Has it been released when we will know the clubs names, badges ect.?


Up to the clubs I imagine, after they undertake community consultation. I imagine they will do the same thing Western Suburbs did.