ACL MD1 - Sydney FC vs Ulsan - 6/03/19


All while strip is a bit gash


Making some basic errors at the back.

White socks is a bit much.


ALF with the best chance for us so far, we’re playing on the back foot a bit though.


Any streams about?

EDIT: There’s a decent one on facebook for anyone interested. Just search Sydney FC then filter to live.


Grant’s getting a lot of unmarked runs to create the overload.


Need to start burying these chances. They’ll dry up soon enough.


Hopefully we can start putting them on target. We’re playing really well though.


In a way I am glad that Reza got in Ninkovic’s way after the Grant cross and flick on. I did something similar once - playing social level football - taking the ball off the feet of a team mate at a corner. So now I don’t feel so bad/guilty.



Apart from a couple of sloppy give aways that was fine. Can’t go headless chicken like Australian teams always do.
Lovely patient move of a couple of dozen passes around 38’ in resulted in a chance.


Also Rhyan Grant is really good.


Grant has been fantastic and easily the best player on the park. I don’t think Gucci has been very good so far, but I’m guessing we will see half an hour or so of Brosque, which could make the difference.


Ulsan brought two strips with them but apparently they both clashed with our home strip so we had to change to our away strip.


I feel like the slower play is really benefiting Brillante as well.


Nup. Not happening tonight.


Anyone on Foxtel Go? Seems to have shit itself


The Foxtel apps seem to be more or less down regardless of which device I use :frowning:


This is fuckin infuriating


Redmayne should have a shot with that breeze behind him. No one else seems to want to ffs.


Yes on Foxtel Now. I signed up especially for this. Seems to have fucked itself. Infuriating…


Ulsan are horrible