ACL Playoff - Sydney FC vs Kaya FC - 8/03/22

Does anyone happen to know anything about our opponents for this game?

Expecting a fair bit of rotation here

From the ACL thread.

Expect absolute bus parkage. Hopefully we score.

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Don’t know anything about their league or NT, but the squad listed on wiki appears to be recent and if the quality of their foreigners is anything to go by 11 blokes plucked randomly from the crowd should give them a run.

Jesse Curran wouldn’t get a spot in any ALM team and probably has the best CV amongst a cavalcade of journeymen you’d only recognise from the very earliest days of an FM career.

On paper, we really should be destroying them off the park. In reality, with the way we’re playing currently, it’ll be a slog.

If it were dry, I wouldn’t be opposed to actually starting Bughagier for this one. He seems to do well against Asian opposition who play a high press and surprised them with their speed. Although I suspect we’ll see them park the bus for the majority of the 90 minutes and try to scrape a goal or two on the counter. But given it’s wet I don’t think his speed is going to count for much.

So I reckon we’d do well starting Alfie/Bobo. Maybe this is the game ALF breaks his run of bad form, and can notch a couple goals. Bobo’s height and strength in the box I’m thinking would be good against what I’m going in assuming are a smallish backline.

Do we know if Narsingh is registered for ACL yet? Wouldn’t be opposed to starting him.

2-1 to the good guys in a scrappy, and unconvincing manner.

Don’t forget the three foreigner rule.

If we start them we’re dropping two of Ninko, Kosta and Luciano…

One drops himself.

Its usually Ninko, right?

That’s got more to do with C/J/K teams beijg stronger than us and expecting to control the game, and less to do with them being Asian.

I would be shocked if we face a high press and high line tomorrow, surely a parked bus is significantly more likely?

What? They don’t even have Andri Sigþórsson? For shame!

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Oh, and before people get too presumptuous about a surefire win, Kaya FC beat Shanghai Port 1-0 last season to qualify for the ACL groups. This is a game we could easily lose, especially after that shitshow on Saturday.

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Isn’t there a large rain forecast? Probably be cancelled

80-150mm rain being forecast, some of which may come as a thunderstorm with possible damaging winds in the evening. If this eventuates during the day/afternoon no way will it go ahead.

Would back a Phillo team in monsoonal conditions.


Reckon the travel schedule will be pretty tight. Extremely curious to know what happens if it’s washed out, given time constraints etc.

FIFA 20 playoff.


Might have been downgraded but the forecasts I am looking at are saying 50-90mm. I think if it does turn out to be closer to 100m it’ll be in doubt.

It honestly has all the makings of a ‘low point of our club’ type loss. Midweek, Kogarah, 250 in attendance, pouring rain, Trent misses 8 one on ones and we concede in the 95th minute to a Retre OG.


Yeah, really need a Win , be no Ninko,or Narsingh, due to Foreign status, under AFC rules ,
So considering how bad we played in the Derby, hope they are ready for it ,

Yeah but tbh I’d rather rest them for the weekend anyway. Start Burgess instead of Ninko

Bit of a write-up here. Kaya last played in November.

This is set to be dire.

Is this on C10 or Paramount?