Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


Dom just turned my head.

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Interesting to listen to the guardian football weekly talk about the bidding process for the womens world cup
(and the fact that ANZ and not columbia have put a $70mUSD fifa contribution in their bid document)


How is a Fifa contribution different to say…a bribe?


Because we’re Australia and reality doesn’t apply to us!


There could be a few reasons.
A bribe is handed over in an unmarked brown paper bag whereas a contribution is sent in a reply paid envelope?
Only a select few receive & benefit from a bribe whereas everyone gets a cut of a contribution?
If listed in alphabetical order, the contribution comes after the bribe?


A contribution would have to be declared for tax purposes, whereas a bribe almost certainly would not be…


If you’re not claiming tax deductions on your bribes then you’re doing it wrong. Cost of doing business.


Bribes paid , certainly. Bribes received, a bit more problematic


Milicic has stepped down:


Seems crazy to turn down the chance to manage a home World Cup. Hopefully we get a top tier replacement in that can gel with the squad quickly


I wonder if we could convince Joe Montemurro to do the job


Thank Christ for that. An utterly unimpressive waste of a world cup in France, and thankfully he’s not going to be given the chance to reprise that at home. I can only hope he was given a quiet bit of encouragement to choose the MacArthur job.


Stepping down to manage an A-League side seems like the wrong bet atm…


Highly doubtful. There’s no way the FFA can match or better anything Arsenal can give him. They’ve backed him 100% and allowed him to build his own side that is one of the best in the world. Why would he walk away from that as they’re reaching their peak?
If he’s in charge of a national team at the WC in 2023 though I would be surprised if it is anyone other than England.


Montemurro doesn’t want to be Matildas coach, anyway.


England are also looking for a new manager and Montemurro and Jill Ellis are already on their shortlist. Ellis would be an amazing signing

This list has some interesting names


I like what I read about Morace, especially regarding her apparent keenness to coach the Matildas. As long as she’s given the licence to change what is necessary, then it could be a great appointment.

Getting rid of Stajcic the way the FFA did is going to put a lot of top coaches off, though, regardless of the changes at the top since then.

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"Another high profile target in Jill Ellis has apparently named her price for the prestigious England job, but has been told it is too high. Dutch legend Sarina Wiegman, who is currently coaching Holland and took them to last years World Cup Final, is now the favourite for the English job.

Whether FFA would pay Ellis’ asking price for such an important position is uncertain. Milicic was reportedly offered $350,000 a year for the Matildas role. Macarthur FC apparently increased his pay packet as an incentive to move back to the A-League newcomers. "

Seems a bit of a “jobs for the boys” option. Matildas really deserve someone who has had success in the women’s game already. If the budget is really low and the big names arent an option surely someone who has done well in the W-League is a far better option- Aloisi got 6 wins in 24 games coaching Adelaide United Women- no one should be considered for a national team gig off that record


Bloody hell that’s a depressing prospect. He may turn out to be decent, or even brilliant, but you don’t take a gamble like that with an opportunity like this.


Stajčić has a pretty good record with women’s football, and surely wouldn’t cost that much…